Friday, 14 September 2012

Elimination show 5: Two New Stars Released from the Academy!

The elimination show opened with Adora dazzling in a well fitting Ankara dress and Joseph in an equally lovely black Pearl button native outfit.
After a look at what went down last weekend and what the contestants did during the week, it was time for the fateful event of the night.
It has been a beautiful journey in the past five weeks with ten contestants (including Ella-Wild Card entrant) left in the Academy.
After last weekend's Classic African Night, the contestants' fate as usual was determined by you the viewers' votes. And your votes for the week landed, Musulyn, Chinyere, Sonia, Christian and Didi on probation. And they had to sing their way to survive and escape the claws of elimination.
So, one after the other they all came out to perform the same songs they did last weekend. Musulyn-Angelique Kidjoe's 'Adouma', Chinyere-
Omawunmi's 'Love Nwantintin', Sonia despite her ill health again did a good one with-Onyeka Onwenu's-'Dancing in the sun', Christian again pulled a brilliant one with Sina Peters' 'Afro Juju' and finally Didi performed Sir Rex Lawson's 'Adure'.
After thorough deliberations, the judges which were Adebantu, Bibi Brew, TY Mix and Cobhams Asuquo (Guest Judge) saved Musulyn, Faculty opted
for Christian. The other contestants took turns to vote for their favourite, while Didi got three votes, Chinyere got one vote but sadly this vote was not good enough to save her, thereby with Sonia becoming the contestants not saved.
When asked to give their last words on stage; on a sad note, Sonia appreciated everyone especially Mummy J who she said has been more than a mother to her. 'I was healed here' was her conclusion. Chinyere on the other hand without betraying emotions confessed she has enjoyed herself and appreciated everyone for the votes and the platform she has been given, she promised to build on it and be the best at whatever she does.
It's always so sad to say goodbye, but at one time or the other, goodbye we must say. So on that note, we bid Sonia and Chinyere farewell and they both did ‘Tell him’ by Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion.

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