Monday, 17 September 2012

MTN Project Fame Elimination show 6: Twists and Turns As Another Two Contestants Face Elimination!

It was another night of excitement laced tension as two more contestant will sadly bid farewell to the competition. To kick off the evening was a medley of Whitney Houston's songs as a tribute to this great woman of songs who passed on earlier in the year. It was a brilliant performance, so don’t miss it.

Then hearts skipped a bit when it was time to reveal the five contestants with the least votes. In no particular order, Adetoun, Didi, Christian, Ella, and Oyinkansade turned out to be the contestants whose votes were not enough to keep them off probation block. The five of them repeated the songs sang individually last week. This time it was not only to impress their fans but to impress the judges and maybe the faculty who will save one contestant each from the claws of elimination.

Time came for judges and faculty to save one contestant each, and it sure appeared to be a very onerous task deciding who to save, but eventually the judges saved Adetoun, and the  faculty freed Oyinkansade. For the three other contestants not on probation, two votes went to Christian while Musulyn decided to vote Ella leaving Didi and of course Ella as the eliminated contestants.

While giving their final speech, Didi appreciated everyone especially the faculty and judges and of course those who have encouraged him with votes and prayers. Ella, though had a short stay appreciated the faculty, and the judges for believing in her. On that note, Didi performed for the last time on stage for the evening. While Didi started with 'Return of The Mark' by Mark Morrison. Next up was Ella to perform love on Top by Beyonce .......then suddenly the judges pulled a surprise and chose to exercise their power of recall.

They elected to recall Ella.
Wow! Ella could hardly believe her fate, she ran to the judges box and appreciated them with a hug and thanked them for the second chance.

Hmmnn! Project Fame 5 has been characterised with so many twists and turns. Now, we have seven contestants at the finals, the race is tougher and the competition is tense. Will there still be any more twist and surprises? How will Ella deal with the contestants that did not vote for her? bearing in mind that one else has been eliminated and recalled before now. In her mind, will she easily pardon them or just understand it's just a game) Will the judges be made proud for having saved her?