Sunday, 9 September 2012

Need A Job???? CHE CK THIS OUT!!!

Job seekers on Glo can now send CVs by SMS
 National telecom operator, Globacom has introduced a new innovative service that allows subscribers, especially job seekers on its network to send their CVs or resumes to prospective employers through SMS.
Named Glo Job Express, the service is a new feature of Glo Messenger and it allows subscribers to send their CVs from any type of phone, using regular SMS. The service will be most useful to job seekers who have no internet access but need to send their CVs on the go as well as those who need to respond instantly to job openings without the hassle of always typing applications and editing their CVs before sending.

 Speaking about the new service, Globacom’s Head of Value Added Services, Samson Isa said that Glo Job Express, which is the first of its kind in the country by any network, will revolutionize the manner in which applicants apply for positions as they can now send their resumes instantly from any location with the greatest of ease.
 Isa explained that when the subscriber uses Glo Job Express, the CV sent via SMS is delivered to the recipient such as the employer, recruitment agent or Human Resources Department as a regular mail with pre–composed job application or cover letter in the body of the email with the sender’s CV as an attachment.
 “The most exciting part of Glo Job Express, however, is that it allows the subscriber to upload a maximum of 4 resumes or CVs on the online portal The subscriber can then decide which of the CVs he wants to send out and the selected CV can then be sent instantly to the prospective employer using SMS”, he said.
 To subscribe, the customer is required to text the keyword CV or REG to 2034 and follow the instructions. Registered users will automatically be assigned an email address unique to their Glo phone numbers which will appear, for example, as After registration, the subscriber will be required to upload a maximum of 4 resumes only once on the online portal. Thereafter, subscribers can use the service to send their CVs from anywhere, using SMS only.
 Glo Messenger is an SMS to email/Instant Messaging service that was launched to enable non internet users send and receive emails on Yahoo, MSN, etc, directly from their mobile phones via SMS. The service has continued to grow and deliver value to subscribers on the Glo network and will even deliver more to job seekers through the new Job Express feature.

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