Thursday, 1 November 2012

OAU Students Seek End to SAS Brutality

The recent introduction of the Swift Action squad (SAS), a military taskforce established by Osun State government to maintain security, law and order in the state has come under attacks by students of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).
While the outfit has been lauded for restoring sanity to major cities in the state, reports of unlawful molestation of citizens by SAS agents over ‘trivial crimes’ such as indecent dressing, weird hairdo and sagging, among others, reportedly meted out to students of the university have continued unchecked.
The most humiliating of the group’s inhuman activities was the open molestation of a student who was dressed in a revealing blouse. According to eyewitnesses, the motorcyclist carrying the lady was asked to fully expose the lady’s breast and suck it. The bike man who initially proved obstinate claiming he was fasting, was reportedly forced to do the bidding of SAS men.
Chairman of the Students Security Committee, Samuel Adeolu, said OAU students are not opposed to good security but they are rather opposed to the abuse of security apparatus to intimidate innocent citizens.
“The constitutional role of the police is maintenance of law and order, and the guarantee of security of lives and property, while that of the armed forces is the defence of the nation’s borders. How is this related to a person’s dress code, type of haircut or flaunting of one’s endowment.”
Responding to the alleged nefarious activities of SAS, Commissioner for Information, Sunday Akere, has charged whoever has been molested or treated unfairly by the law enforcers to report such cases.

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