Monday, 21 January 2013

EXPOSED!!! Adokiye, Female Singer Poses Semi-Nude For N31m (PHOTOS)

The desperation for money and cheap popularity among ladies is getting out of hand: We’re not believing a word of it but that’s what she’s claiming! 

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Her name is Adokiye Kyrian Yvonne and until now she was relatively a nobody. (See another photo below) She had however released a few singles in August 2012, one of which featured popular rapper, Olamide. 

We listened to the song, it was horrible at best. Rivers-born Adokiye is claiming she got paid $200,000 and was also given a Mercedes Benz G Wagon for this raunchy photo spread which has been featured in a 
New York magazine.

She however fails to divulge further details like the name of the magazine, where and when the photoshoot took place, only leading to the speculation that it is another desperate PR stunt.


  1. But she's h-ugly oooooo! Mschieewww! My dick nor even rise! =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))

  2. Pls did someone just call this babe ugly? Abeg go and sleep jor, is your wife/girlfriend more beautiful than this babe. If you have your reservations have it, don't open your mouth to call other people ugly...can you create her eyes not to talk of her entire face and body...tsheeeeeeew

  3. Do u people knw wot modeling is abt? Helllllooo,some fake girls go to d beach dressed like fools nd dis lady is doing dis 4 31m ya'll nagging,afterall we see girls dat ar worse dan dis in parties or events 4 free.plsss she's beautiful nd she's making her money.

  4. The Babe set die....kilo de?na who call am ugly?she fyn pass many naija babes...she even fyn pass Rita Dominic