Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nigerian Idol: Seven down, four to go

The tearful exit of Efezino, the girl with the doll’s voice has paved the way for five contestants to battle for theNigerian Idol crown in the season three edition of the Etisalat and Pepsi-sponsored reality television show.
This week, the guest judge was singer, Dare Art Alade. He was with host, Ill Rhymz, Jeffrey Daniel, Femi Kuti and Yinka Davies – the regular judges on the show.
The themes for the evening were music from the late, legendary R&B singer, Luther Vandross, and some highlife musicians.
The evening started with a performance by Fatai Rolling Dollar ‘Won Kere si Number Wa’. He was later joined on stage by a group of contestants. After his performance, Fatai Rolling Dollar said, “I love what the young artistes are doing. They have a good message for the young crowd out there, and I absolutely love it.”

It was then the contestants’ turn to perform, starting with Luther Vandross songs.
Safeeyat kicked off the night with a performance of ‘So Amazing’.
JayFeel, was next with ‘If I Didn’t Know Better’. Moses performance of ‘If Only for one Night’ had the judges on the fence.
Abasiakan’s rendition of ‘I’d Rather’ saw an ecstatic crowd rise to their feet, and the judges were effusive with their praise.
Debbie was the last for the evening, starting with a beautiful guitar intro for her version of ‘Dance with my Father’.
The highlife tunes it started with Moses’ experimental take on the classic song, ‘Sweet Mother’.
Abasiakan took on the challenge of ‘Hallelujah’ by one of Nigeria’s Elegant stallion, Onyeka Onwenu.
JayFeel chose to perform ‘Taxi Driver’, wearing an afro wig, bow tie, shorts and knee length socks.
Debbie Rise performed ‘Mo s’orire’ and it seemed she had been battling with vocal issues.
Last for the evening was Safeeyat performing ‘Seun Rere’.

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