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RisXcel invites you to attend our next workshop on International Business Case Study.

RisXcel invites you to attend our next workshop 
on International Business Case Study.

This packed two-day programme is designed to help you understand the operations 
 and complexities involved in managing businesses in the global market environment. 
It will give you insights in identifying the challenges and risks involved and 
the tool kits in managing business operations globally 

Designed For

This course is designed for senior and middle managers in the following sectors:-
·    Business & Commercial 
·    Media
·    Oil and Gas
·    Aviation
·    Transport & Logistics
·    Education & Training
·    Construction
·    Banking & Finance
·    Embassies and Foreign Relations
·    Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
·    Entrepreneurs & Investors

Companies in a number of industries are increasingly expanding their horizons from local 
to global markets frontiers.Navigating the maze of international business and trade is a
challenging and exciting undertaking.

This course  explores the international business environment complexities 
(political, economical, technological and social) affecting various industries
such as tourism, aviation, oil and gas, transportation and logistics. It provides you with
the tool kits and strategies in dealing with these complexities.

Learning Outcomes  

On successful completion of this module, delegates should be able to: 
1.  Identified key forces of globalisation, including the role of multinational 
enterprises, foreign direct investment and regionalism.
2.  Evaluate why organisations go global - The key drivers for going global.
3.  Analysed the impact of economic, social, cultural and political factors on 
business operations and structures in a variety of national environments
4.  Evaluate the different entry strategies and the pros and cons associated with them.
5.  Related theories of internationalisation, innovation and competitive advantage to 
differing industries and locations.
6.  Drawn together material from a variety of sources into coherent arguments 
illustrating the roles and policies of organisations in diverse locations

Course Outline  
1.  The Business Enterprise in the International Environment 
2.  Globalisation and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
3.  National Economic Systems
4.  Entry Strategies
5.  The Cultural Environment
6.  The Political Environment:National and International Political Forces
7.  The Social Environment of Business
8.  World Trade and the International
9.  Competitive Environment
10.   The Technological Environment
11.   International Financial Environment


Progression Route
Upon successful completion of the 8 modules delegates will gain a minimum value of 
80 credit points and may progress onto any of the following:

·    MBA Top-up- University of Nicosia, Cyprus
·    MSc Top-up in Negotiated Title- University of Chester
·    MA Top-up in Negotiated Title-  University of Chester

The Top Up programme will involve planning and implementing a research study on 
an approved topic within the area of business and management to achieve a Masters
 qualification awarded either by University of Chester and/or University of Nicosia.
Probably the major achievement of all Masters level graduates is to provide an ideal
opportunity to personalise their study programme to reflect own interests and career aspirations.

12-18 Months

Entry Requirements
·    A Bachelor's Degree from any recognised + 2 years in a managerial capacity; OR
·    A HND + 5 years' work experience in a managerial capacity; OR
·     No formal qualification but with a minimum of 10 years at a managerial capacity.
Mode of Delivery
Our blended learning strategy and innovative approach using the orbital delivery strategy 
provides you with 
the flexibility to learn and earn without any geographical, time and cost constraints. 

The delivery combinations are:
·    Workshops
·    Seminars
·    Group tutorials
·    Web-based lectures...
Each module is run over a weekend, once a month combined with various learning activities.

Mode of Assessment
Assessment is by means of any combination of these:
·    Case Study Analysis
·    Reports
·    Essays
·    Assignments
·    Reflective Account
·    Audio Visual
·    Project group 
·    Individual / Group Presentation 
·    University Credit Qualification-£350 per workshop
·    Non-credit Award- £100 per workshop 
·    Full Masters (MA/MSc)- £7800 
·    Full MBA- £8500
Final Award
·    MBA by University of Nicosia, Cyprus
·    MA/MSc in Negotiated Title by University of Chester, UK

Possible Qualification Outcomes 

·    General Management
·    Finance
·    Marketing
·    Human Resource Management
·    Oil and Gas

·    Leadership Management
·    Project Management
·    Aviation Management
·    Marketing
·    Human Resource Management
·    Finance and Banking
·    Risk Management
·    Hospitality Management
·    Oil and Gas Management
·    Retail Banking Management
·    Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Any many more.........

In any chosen field

Other Courses
·    PhD/DBA
·    Undergraduate  
University Partners and Associates
·    University of Chester, UK
·    University of Northampton
·    Middlesex University, UK
·    University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
·    University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Study Locations
·    United Kingdom
·    Ghana
·    Nigeria
·    Oman
·    Sri Lanka
·    Tanzania
·    United Arab Emirates
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