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Unveiling 20 Happening LAUTECH Guys

They are the happening guys on campus. Intelligent, suave, smart and enterprising. 
We unveil to you Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho top guys who call the shots.
Lammy Krue

Jeff Kuvuki

Segun Davinci - Bamiduro Olusegun is one personality you can't help
but notice despite his easy going, simple and humble life style, the
graduating student of agronomy known for his affable and friendly
manner with people, he is the Chief of Davinci in Nigeria, a social
clique that originated from South Africa. He took what most people
refer to as just friendship a notch further giving it a touch of
class, his great leadership skills has earned him great respect from
his peers and got the clique to an enviable height been recognised in
the social circle and got nominated for several awards and winning
some just in less than 2 years of existence. Segun drives a
Camry (muscle) on campus, he made a remarkable statement last year
hosting friends of the clique to a lavish party where you can order
anything you can call exotic.

Pharko - Fakolujo Olaolu is undoubtedly one of the most influential
personalities on campus, an ex-chief of the prestigious club Krue, the
collection of dudes that roll with ease. Pharko as popularly called is
a well respected and popular club boy who combines clubbing activities
and Academics greatly; he's been keeping the pace of clubbing high
from his very first year. The graduating student of Computer Science
is seen as a role model by many in the club circle, his great fashion
sense, brilliant leadership style and great Business acumen stands him
out.  He has had romance with several wonders on wheel and currently
drives an Infinity Jeep FX 35 and Honda (Evil spirit). This dude who
co - manages Club Olympus X finds pleasure in traveling, swimming and
partying. Pharko has a shelve filled with plaques, Best Club Boy at
the Dynamix Award inclusive. He was said to have coordinated the best
club party in 2012.

Gbenga Enigma - The 500 level student is the chief of one of the
leading clubs on campus, Club Enigma. He's known for his expensive and
sophisticated life style, Gbenga is calm, cool, humble and definitely
the toast of ladies,  doesn't get it wrong when it comes to fashion,
gats great love for Gold and Cars. He recently acquired a brand new
Toyota Venza which was rated as one of the best auto of the year on
campus. This dude has a great resume as far as balling is the topic,
he is a party rocker, a show stopper you are sure to find where a
classic party is happening, Don G as fondly called by those in his
inner circle is a member of the 1st to 10 entertainment, an outfit
that hosted Davido early 2012 in Malaysia. He loves travelling to
countries like UK, Malaysia, Dubai for holiday.

 Lamide Krue - A reputable socialite who is now the number 1 citizen
of the prestigious Club Krue, family of guys that believes easy does
it. Not too long, Olamide Olaofe stepped into Fako's shoe as the chief,
Lammy as popularly called by pals is a great guy you really can't help
but like, he's an enviable and respected personality known for his
sophisticated lifestyle. He has crazy love for video games, swimming,
partying and a big fan of soccer who supports Manchester United. The
Computer Science and Engineering student in his final year has won
numerous Awards, setting the record straight as the very first
Ladokite to pick up the Dynamix All Youth Award as the Most
Sophisticated Nigerian Student in 2011. He drives a red Benz E-Class, white Matrix and
a red Convertible Solara on campus. If not found in the company of
Akeem or Snicky his vice, you are sure to find him with his ladies. A
big boy going by all standard he is, I give this guy 10/10.

George Davinci - A ghost baller I call this good looking Edo guy from
a very respectable home of D.P.O Idahosa. He is one dude ladies love to
hangout with, friendly, humble, polite with his relationship with
people. The 400level student of Civil Engineering Department currently
having his industrial training in South Africa, he's a highly revered
member of Davinci clique currently serving as the vice chief and looks
like the heir to the thrown when Segun steps down. Orgee as popularly
called has carved a niche for himself in the social circle balling
like that's what he's made for. Was nominated for several youth awards
and had seven nominations in the just held Dynamix Awards. If this
dude has a  football team, he would definitely be Liverpool. Never
walks alone, if not found in the midst of ladies then you are sure to
find him with Gbaju, Elele, Abolore and other Davinci members. He
drives a brown Infinity FX 45 & lives large on campus.

 Whizzy Machismo -  Born with a silver spoon to the respectable
Yesufu's family, a police father who is No 6 in the Oyo state police
ranking. Olawale Yesufu the popular Whizzy is handsome, down to earth
and got a great fashion sense to compliment his looks, he has good
disposition which makes him the delight of ladies. Whizzy has fat
profile as far as campus entertainment is concern. He was a profound
member of the defunct club Machismo from his Pre-degree days when
clubbing was the in thing, This graduating student of Computer Science
and Engineering is so passionate about Music, Rap to be precise, He's
the proud CEO of Dope Music Group, a record label he launched not too
long which boast of young talents such as Crack and the delectable
Kim. I see this dude going places.

Nathy Fresh

Gbenga Enigma

Fako krue

 Jeff Kuvuki - Jeff Edomwonyi is the founder and currently the chief
of the highly promising wave making Clique Kuvuki, Sophisticated best
defines his style. This 400 level student is unarguably one of the most
stylish campus personalities, has great love for fashion accessories
but a freek when it comes to sunglasses, he's got a wardrobe stuck
enough to start up a standard boutique no exaggeration, his favourite
fashion brands are Hublot, Cartair, Versace, LV and American Eagle.
Jeff prefers hanging out with other clique members and his girlfriend
Tolu (MZ Kuvuki) in his free time, he drives a Toyota Camry XLE 08
Muscle, Recently he had a talk of the town birthday party hosting
friends and well wishers to lavish. This dude rock.

Natty Fresh - One guy with a keen business sense is Nathaniel, what
this young dude does is photography and he's on-top of his game as far
that is concern, Nathan is another prominent member of the Davinci fam
in the Faculty of Agriculture , the most fascinating thing about this
handsome fun loving dude is his ability to build so much influence
around himself in just his second year, he hangs out having fun with
no pressure to impress and no inclination to insecurity, his style is
between cutting- edge and conservative but not skanky, he's a very
simple person, straight forward and cool in a likeable way. I mean it
when I say he's the dream of ladies, but not too sure if this dude is
single. He's been attached to many chics on campus which makes it
difficult to know which is his; it's up to you if you are tripping
already to figure that out, he moves around school in his Honda

Babson Mulah - Sodiq the son of the respected Alhaji Babalola ranks as
one of the top ballers on campus. He's been able to build so much
influence around himself  making consistency his watch word from his
first day on campus, keeping his game tight without belonging to any
social club or clique, The 500level student of Agric Economics and
Extension has got a fashion sense that can't be ignored, he combines
excellent academic pursuit perfectly well with balling, not letting
one affect the other, He doesn't joke with life after school, he's one
of the very few wise investors on campus,  Babson Mulah as called by
friends has got nominations in different categories of several youth
awards over the years. He drives a Honda (Baby Boy). He loves to party
and enjoys the company of his numerous female friends.

Snicky - This Fresh and cool looking chap sure knows how to enjoy life
rolling with ease, repping  where he belongs to the fullest,
Jubril Oloko a native of Epetedo is an honourable member of club Krue,
currently serving as the Vice Chief. He's got nice disposition which
makes him the delight of ladies, his attitude and good sense of
diplomacy stands him out among his peers. The final year student of
Physics department has maintained his high profile since he came to
spotlight early last year fast becoming a strong force in the social
circle, got couple of nominations at various youth awards last year.
This dude is like one in a thousand of club boys that can point to who
his heart belongs to, he dates the gorgeous Areke Endurance.
You need no soothsayer to tell you that this dude is going places.

Sodiq Babalola

Orgee Davinci

Temmy G


SEGUN Bamiduro

Lekan Pizzaz

Ojewusi Olumide Adedeji - 400level, Physics dept. Drives EOD

Ademola Ajagbe (Elele) -  Member of DVC. Graduating student of Computer Science & Engineering
Drives Muscle

Adedeji Tobiloba Oloyede -  Graduating student of Urban & Regional Planning
Drives Mazda 6

Lekan Oloruntoba - Pizzazz chief, Graduating student of Physics Dept

Sholla sureboi – Graduating student.
Drives  an Accord EOD

Temmy G - Graduating student of Accounting
Dtives a Nissan Altima

Bee jay - DVC Member. Student of Chemical Department
Drives Toyota Camry (Muscle)

Eddie - 500 level student. Drives Honda EOD

Idowu (ID) - 400 level student of Medical Lab. Drives a Corolla S

Akin (Straw) - Graduating student. Drives a Toyota Matrix
Irewole Olusoji Alleluia (Luxiries) - 500level student of Computer Science & Engineering.
Highly fashionable.

Adeniran Temiloluwa (Temmy G)

By Damilola Salam

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