Thursday, 25 July 2013

BIZARRE!!! “Yahoo Boys” Flaunt Money and Shrine on Facebook

Dem say this guy name na ODI DOLLARS. Hm own pass WORLD BANK PRESIDENT ooooo. Loool

This is about the most bizarre thing to do in recent times as these “Yahoo Boys” flaunts wads of Money (Pounds, Dollars, Naira, etc) on Facebook.
The “yahoo Boys” in recent times have graduated into money-making rituals but covering their acts up with “Yahoo Yahoo” (internet fraud or scam). Lately, many innocent girls, especially campus girls have falling victims and have been used by these boys for money rituals.

We call on the Nigerian Police to please step up their games by apprehending these boys and make them to face the music. 

Warning to girls: Be careful who you follow. All that glitters are not GOLD!!!


  1. I can't shout!! Just sad

  2. Due to all this picture above, this guy is a local 419... he does not even look like someone who could have such huge amount of money. Forget about his means of making the money, the guy does not look it at all.

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  3. Dont mind our jornalist with fake stories without detail proof, how are we certain he's not one of this bureau de change mallam under training posing with his masters business money. Nonsence.

  4. This is not a yahoo boi dont give us fake stories and try 2 stop the innocent bois hustling 4 dear pay,No job 4 we bois and anough graduate are there..This is (OD-Dollar) From Ghana he's a retualist check that on Facebook u'll see it clearly.DONT POST WHAT U DONT bois ever livet....*Gbams.*

  5. its karma assholes!