Wednesday, 31 July 2013

BREAKING NEWS: OAU Varsity Undergraduate Sets Record For World's Longest Sex Ever

Nigerian boy sets world record for longest sex ever

A Nigerian undergraduate at Obafemi Awolowo University Ife is the current title holder of the Guinness Book of world record for the longest sex ever! The young man record is 15hrs 7mins 23secs… 
Can we say OAU has produced another genius? Great Ife!


  1. hahahaha, alomo bitters at work. i guess all the ladies at ife wont allow him rest again...

  2. Great Ife.....Another great Ife is a counterfeit.

  3. this madness and a return to anarchy. how can this young man be proud of this achievement when his mates are progressing to greatness with other upbuilding activities. so sad the wantom degredation of moral values.

  4. omo c groove
    hand work of asuu