Wednesday, 10 July 2013

LAUTECH Undergrad, Seun Adaramoye Murdered For Ritual By Boyfriend

Seun Adaramoye was an undergraduate of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in Ogbomoso. She was alleged to have disappeared a few days ago only for her mutilated and decomposing body to be found beside an hotel in town with some of her body parts missing. Her story assumed to have been the last person to see her alive disappeared and some human parts were allegedly found in the guy’s room. A narrative of what was believed to have happened to her was given by her hostel mate and friend who was aware of her movement in the last few hours before she was murdered.
Oluwaseun Adaramoye, until her death was an undergraduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Lautech. Seun left her hostel last week Sunday to visit her boyfriend’s while they were all chatting.
“Seun Adaramoye was an 100 level accounting student, she stayed in Stadium area around Lawyer Ahmed Junction, she’s a hostel mate and also my friend. On Sunday evening (16th of June), we were all gisting outside the hostel as we normally do and around 5pm, Seun just said she’s coming and left. She was on casual outfits like all of us, so we thought she had gone to the junction to buy stuffs but she went to her best friend’s place not far from the hostel.
“When Seun was leaving her best friend’s apartment, she told her that she wants to quickly get to her boy friend’s place in Oke-Anu around 7pm on that same Sunday evening and that was the last time we both saw Seun.

“We didn’t even notice on time that she hasn’t returned because she’s a female and no one can monitor a grown lady, so we assume that she should be with her boyfriend Lanre (REAL NAME) not until Wednesday morning when Seun refused to show up for her last paper. Her friend came to c heck on her in the hostel and it was then that she informed us that Seun was nowhere to be found, w e searched and searched for Seun but all to no avail.
On Thursday morning, we decided to report her disappearance to the school authorities, that was when we heard the news of a dead body which was discovered at the back of Jastok Guest House….
On getting there, we couldn’t identify the body because several parts of her body had been cut off, her breast, one hand, half her head was gone.
We were eventually able to recognize Seun by her hairdo and mark on her leg, her birth mark and the remains of her cloth on the body.
So the police and the SUG were invited and they went after the boyfriend who had obviously absconded, so he has not been arrested as been speculated but his best friend was arrested.
People thought he was arrested because of the search and the arrest of his best friend but he hasn’t been found till now, he’s gone into exile…On searching Lanre’s house, the police found mysterious things like Calabash, Ladies Bra, Panties, Nails and several underwears.

Our friend, Seun was NEVER a runs girl, she was a very gentle and loving soul, and she was just unlucky to have fallen a victim of some desperate souls. She has since been buried by her brother here in Ogbomosho because the body was already decaying with worms all over and moreover it’s an uncompleted body and they won’t bury her like that in her hometown.”

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