Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Exclusive Interview: I do not envy Wizkid – Skales

Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) artiste, Skales, in this interview speaks on his forthcoming debut album, well as his rapping and singing skills as well as relationship with label mate, Wizkid. 
You have been with EME since 2009; tell us how you were able to achieve the growth and popularity
Basically, it was hard work and consistent hustle. We have been praying hard too. We did not just want to stop. We focused on one person and now we are moving on to the next.
Your album will be out in 2013, what are the details surrounding it. 
Right now, there is not much detail actually. I have just been working a lot. I think I should have had up to three or four albums already. I even have songs that I cannot remember. It is when they play them for me that I remember.
So, how do you keep track of your songs?
I have them on my laptop. It is when I go back to the tracks that I remember. Trust me, I have recorded so much that sometimes I do not even know how my songs leak, and I wonder how.
Is your album going to be more of singing than rapping or the other way around?
It is going to be both. I am going to have songs where I am just singing and I will have songs that I will just rap. At the end of the day, I am just trying to bring something new to the table. Of course, it is just normal for people not to understand you until you prove it to them.

What is your 2013 looking like?
It is looking like a great year coming already because I have a bunch of singles. I have more videos coming. I have ideas that I know are going to hold everybody in 2013. I do not really want to talk much about it but trust me 2013 will be my year.
Which music producer are you really feeling right now?
Everybody knows my favourite producer is Sarz. He is like a brother to me and we are always together.
How did you hook up with him?
I have known Sarz for a while. I have always wanted to work with him. Honestly, if you ask me right now how Sarz and I became this close, I cannot remember. I just know we became close just like that because we used to stay close to each other.
Let us talk about ‘Heading for a Grammy’. Why do you think people still refer to the song that is four years old?
‘Heading for a Grammy’ is a classic because I was going through a lot at that time in life. The song was actually inspired by Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Walks’. I am Kanye’s number one fan in the world. Basically, what I mean by ‘Heading for a Grammy’, which a lot of people misunderstand is, I was not talking about going for the Grammy, I was talking about being the best and the most incredible. What I was talking about on the song was that I was going to be great; I was going to be that person.
Your label mate Wizkid has been the hottest act for two years now. How does that influence you or motivate you to be successful?
Wizkid is a great inspiration to me; I will not lie to you. I never sat down one day to say I want to envy him. He inspires me a lot because we work together. Sometimes I even give him ideas and sometimes he gives me too. You can even tell on songs even though we are not always together but when we meet in the studio it is always something else for us. Wiz is like an inspiration to me and just encourages me to want to do better as well as do more. 


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