Saturday, 22 March 2014

#BowenRiot: “Our VC Treats Us Like Prisoners” – Bowen University Students Riot & Vandalize School [PHOTOS]

Students of Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State took matters into their hands as they protested the reign of current VC, Matthew Ojo.
The students, who had had enough of Ojo’s Nazi-like regime, started a riot at about 9pm on Wednesday night, destroying cars, street lights, shops, windows and even burnt part of some buildings.
According to a source at the University, Ojo had brought in rules that were not favorable to student life in the least.
The VC had reportedly denied the students basic amenities, giving them food and light only in restricted periods.
“You can’t eat except at stipulated hours,” the source said. “You fill statement forms if you’re caught eating. No break time in between classes to support the food timetable though. So if your class falls during the eating period, you’re not eating.”
He also infringed on their health rights, denying students access to healthcare after 6pm.
With all these, it’s easy to see why the students would have been forced to carry out their actions.
See pictures from the mayhem below.

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