Monday, 10 March 2014

Only a 'miracle' can bring Schumacher out of coma: Sources

The family of comatose Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has reportedly been told that only a 'miracle' can now save the seven-time world champion.
The German suffered serious brain injuries after hitting a rock in a skiing accident in the French Alpine ski resort of Meribel on December 29 last year and at his management's request, the Grenoble hospital treating him has kept news about his condition to a minimum.
According to, sources close to Schumacher's family said that retired racer's prognosis is bleak and the family has been forewarned by doctors that only a miracle can bring him back, although they added that there is little hope of Schumacher coming out of the coma successfully.
The report mentioned that Schumacher has been in an artificially induced coma for 69 days as doctors hope that the slowing down of the brain's functions has helped it heal more quickly.
A source said that although his family has talked to him continuously and prayed for him to come out of the coma, however, Schumacher still remains unconscious with tubes feeding him, supplying him with air, giving him medicine and removing waste from his body.
The source also said that although he is a wealthy man and is receiving the best care that money can buy, all the wealth in the world cannot fix what has happened 

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