Friday, 30 May 2014


This very road had been under construction for over 2 years with no meaningful job done. Each time the people demonstrated or complained about it, the contractor will move to site and do some little jobs, and after few days they slowed down again. We don’t even know the name of the construction company handling this job because they didn’t put up any signage. We are wondering why the state government cannot give it to companies like Hitech, Julius Berger or Hitech who have pedigree of constructing good roads in short time. Ikeja/Computer Village was given to Julius Berger like a year ago, and the project has been completed.
The excuse of the sensitivity of the road because of the pipelines is no longer tenable at this age of technology.
With the way the state is toying with this paja/Ayobo Road they will be pushing the people to vote for rival parties. Because, everyday people go through unnecessary hardship and suffering on this road. You need to repair your cars every time and not to talk of useful manpower time that is lost to Go-slow and heavy traffic commuters experienced daily. WE PAY TAXES JUST LIKE THE SURULERE, YABA, IKEJA, LEKKI THAT HAVE GOOD ROADS.

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