Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Empowering Nigerians through Buying and Selling; the Story

Latest population figures for Nigeria puts population at 170 million people but by 2050, population is expected to rise to over 400 million, and the many opportunities that exist for buying and selling in Nigeria are about to truly explode.
When the founders of, decided to build a platform where Nigerians can buy and sell online, everyone thought they were crazy, but they saw an opportunity to really do something for Nigeria that no one else had been able to successfully do. Today, that bold step that took has seen the rise of e-commerce companies, online classifieds and marketplaces in Nigeria.

What everyone else saw as a problem, saw as an opportunity, and today Nigerians are reaping the benefits of that bold step.
Since its initial launch in 2011, has silently rolled out a variety of amazing features. Intuitive accounts have enabled users to manage their postings, favourite ads and searches much more effectively. The new design is based on direct feedback from everyday Nigerians, which makes searching ads and inserting their items even more seamless than before. They have also made significant investments in systems to  help combat fraud that is complemented by the manual review of all ads to ensure the best quality content for users. But most importantly, it has stayed true to its zero- commission and trade enabling vision which set it apart from every other similar business.
Investment in Nigeria was largely affected by perceptions of corruption but with the effort of and other online platforms over the years, confidence of business investors are growing, and we are seeing an increase in online commerce in the country.

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