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… Receives accolades as what-hifi online magazine rates Sound Bar High

increasingly, it is becoming clear that superior picture quality alone does not guarantee an enjoyable TV viewing experience; great sound is important to consumers as well and LG Electronics, a global leader in Consumer Electronics and Home Entertainment has addressed the issue through introduction of the LG Soundbar with model no. NB3530A.

Aimed at bringing dimension and conviction to TV and movie viewing, The Unique 2.1-channel soundbar provides consumers with powerful sound quality minus the clutter associated with some Audio systems

Speaking on this remarkable achievement, General Manager, Convergence  Audio Video Division, LG Electronics, Mr. Jae Sang Lee said: “our stylish and leek soundbars are designed to fill any room with pitch perfect audio. For us at LG Electronics, we have always been consumer friendly, with this sound bar we are certain that our consumers are not short of 100% satisfaction, as this will give them quality sound effect without hitches and stress”.

The NB3530A soundbar kicks out an impressive powerful sound output 300 Watts of power making the sound bar very capable in producing engaging sound effects, while LG’s 3D Surround Processor aims to make stereo sound feel more immersive during TV viewing.
The unique selling point of LG’s soundbars is its super-slim design, which allows for even more discreet installation than usual. The stylish and slim speaker system complement the unique products, having chosen to flaunt its assets with a glossy finish while other manufacturers prefer to hide the drivers behind cloth or metal grilles.

The line of touch controls on the face of the main unit sits above a small display, used for basic information such as the selected input. Below this is a USB port for playing MP3 and WMA files from memory sticks. A peek at the back shows a unique array of three inputs: one 3.5mm jack and two digital optical inserts. This simplifies the setting up process.

Consumers do not have to worry about external speakers to worry about since the left and right channels are already part of the sound bar unit. All they have to worry about is the connection to the TV and they only have 2 optical inputs to work with. Just take the included optical cable and hook it up to one of the ports and you are all set. The port in jack is also available if you want to let for users convenience of utilizing portable devices use  on the sound bar.

The LG NB3530A has its own separate subwoofer and it does not require a physical connection to the sound bar. It communicates wirelessly which is convenient as you don’t have to go through any complicated pairing process to get the 2 components working with each other. This means that you can freely mount the sound bar to the wall without worrying about where to place the subwoofer. In fact, the sound bar looks great on the wall especially if the TV is mounted to the wall as well.

Another convenient feature of the NB3530A soundbar is the built-in Bluetooth which can be paired with usual Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, portable media players and laptops. All of these devices are capable of playing music and many of the streaming apps compatible with these devices have Bluetooth streaming support as well.  The Sound Sync feature enable users beam sound from an LG TV to the soundbar wirelessly.
Despite the lack of HDMI ports, the sound bar can still decode DTS and Dolby Digital so it still remains good for watching movies. LG electronics with the NB3530A have created great sound impact with minimal design.
This revolutionary product clearly demonstrates LG's dedication to providing consumers with captivating audio experience. It is apparent that by implementing advanced technologies, smart connectivity and control, LG Electronics will continue to be a leader in the Home Entertainment industry.

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