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OShine christened Oluwaseun Balogun; a new kid on the block who dreams of becoming a legend someday. The rapper / singer who shuttles Nigeria and the US, in a chat with Acada magazine, speaks about his video currently enjoying massive airplay amongst issues. Excerpt…  
Looking at the way you sound and talk, it’s obvious you are so passionate about music, why?
Entertainment has always being my thing and right from when I was more younger I would sing along to all of the old school songs my daddy used to play. And when I grew older, I usually write my lyrics even before voicing it at all. I eventually decided to be a performing artiste when I met a couple of friends that encouraged me to take up professionally. And I didn’t think it twice since it’s what I am already passionate about. I am also taking music seriously because it can be use for an instrument of social reforms and obviously it’s also rewarding. The love I received through the massive internet downloads from my first single ‘Omo Aye’ in 2008, convinced me that music is what I must do.
So, at what point did you come up with the name OShine?
Back then, friends used to call me shine because I love jewelries and I used to wear lots of them. So when I started singing a friend advised I lift the O from Oluwaseun Balogun being my name and add to Shine and that’s how I got the name OShine.
What genre of music do you do?
I do Rap and Pop music, I do what comes on my mind depending on the instrumental I hear while in the studio. I could also do Afro Pop, and when I am doing Rap it’s all about the message.
What kind of message do you pass through your music?
I pass messages that will keep you strong and also believing in yourself and it’s a general message on the happenstance in the society.
What inspires your kind of music?
I get inspired by instrument of any kind and it comes straight from the heart and I deliver them.
Who are your role models?
King Sony Ade and Fela Kuti, I draw a lot of inspiration from their song because I have always listened to them right from when I was a toddler, so I consider them as my role models. 

What is your background like?
I am an Egun dude, from a family of four; my dad is from Ipokia in Ogun State and my mum is from Badagry. I attended glory Land Schools at Badagry from where went to Lagos State Model College Kanko. And migrated to the United States and attended Community College of Rhodes Island and proceeded to Johnson & Wales University; where I am close to graduating, but I put it aside to face music because music is a jealous business.
As an artiste, what will make you stand out in the face of the competitive industry?
Making tunes is a strong point for me; I can make different tunes all by myself. Again because I know I am different and competent that will also stand me out from the crowd. I am equally ready to get to the finish line, I am not giving up. I want to achieve all I need to achieve. I am not here to stay for a while because I will definitely be relevant far above ten years.
What would you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered as a great person and a legend, also as a game changer; a person coming into the community to bring something different to the table. And that is what I am doing with my video ‘Keep Pushing’. It’s a song that preaches hope, emphasizing that when you keep working at a thing it’ll definitely pay off in no time, provided one can be patient.
Are into any record or management deal?
I started with Oshine Records, but now I have a very strong supportive team backing me up and that’s GlassHouse and Raging Bulls.

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