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Tiana Dimoko, a three hundred level student of Philosophy at University of Benin recently won the crown at the Miss Fair and White Beauty Gold pageant, sponsored by Bozac Continental ltd, owners of the Fair and White range of beauty products. In this interview, she reveals that Miss Fair and White Gold is the most transparent and genuine beauty pageant in the country.

Q: So can we meet you?
A: Yes my names are Dimoko Tiana, a three hundred level student of the University of Benin, and I am based here in Lagos.
Q: Which course are you studying?
A: Philosophy
Q: You are the Miss Fair and White Gold crown winner of course.
A: Yes I am.
Q: Five months after winning the crown, is it still the same old Tiana?
 A: It cannot be the same old Tiana, life is all about change. Change must always take place, obviously my life has changed since being crowned the beauty queen, my social life, my mode of dressing, people I relate with, where I go to, all these have changed after the crowning.
Q: Why the sudden change?
A: Because I am now a beauty queen, I have to carry myself differently now, I can no longer be like any other girl. Now I represent a brand so I have to always come out well because anything I do can be related to the brand and the image of the brand depends on me. So I must always have to come out in a positive way, to promote and safeguard the esteemed profile of the brand.

 Q: What is this Fair and White Gold all about?
A: Fair and White Gold is the latest product under the Fair and White range of beauty products. Fair and White Gold range of skin care products cover special beauty treatment and formula from cleansing and exfoliation to fading and brightening, as well as hydration and protective skin care treatments, to meet all skin care needs. For a complete skin beauty regimen, Fair and white Gold provides a three phase ritual: PREPARE, EVEN TONE and PROTECT with various specialized products, for the best results.

Q: Why are they called ‘Fair and White’, are the products meant for only fair skinned women?
 A: No, that conception is really wrong; Fair and White Gold does not in any way mean that it is only meant for light skinned ladies, it only means that it brings out your real complexion, it makes your skin to glitter. So that glittering is what we meant when we say Fair and White Gold, so even if you are dark, it makes your dark skin to glitter, and if you are white, it makes your white skin to glitter as well. So Fair and White Gold does not mean that it is meant only for light skinned ladies, it is for all skin types.
Q: So can we say that fair and White Gold  is for the African Woman?
A: Yes indeed, it is for the African woman; that is the ideal interpretation.
Q: What have you been doing as Miss Fair and White Gold beauty Queen?
A: I have been involved in a lot of promotional projects for the brand; I have been involved in fashion shows and events at which the brand has to be represented as a sponsor, to give more visibility to the brand.
Q: Do you confine your activities to Benin and environs or are you involved in areas outside Benin?
A: For now I am mostly around Benin, but very soon, I will widen my scope and come out to areas such as Lagos.
Q: In the last five months since the pageant, people would have been expecting to see your face in a lot of promotional materials, in the dailies, magazines, billboards and Television as well as online. But you seem a bit scarce, why is that so?
A: I am just a brand ambassador; everything I have to do must be with the consent of the company that owns the brand. They are still putting the adverts together because they do not want any kind of advert, they want to take their time and come out with promo content that will really give the brand the desired mileage. Fair & white Gold is a premium brand, the public should expect a world class advert campaign. From the information I gathered, the company will soon hit the airwaves with powerful advert creative. 

Q: How do you cope with your studies, combining it with your roles as the brand representative of Fair and White Gold?
A:  It’s challenging because I am almost in my final year, so I have a lot of work that I am doing in school, but I have to balance my studies with the work as a brand ambassador.  So it’s not easy but I thank God that I am pulling through and my lecturers are very understanding, I thank God for that.
Q: Your company, Bozac  continental ltd gave you a brand new 2013 Nissan rouge SUV, most of the beauty pageants that we have seen, do not give as much as that car, so what was your reaction when you got the car, was it the desire to win the car that motivated you to enter into the competition?
A: Before I participated in Miss Fair and White, I have done a lot of beauty pageants.  And I was on the brink of giving up on beauty pageants, because there are usually a lot of underground works that go on with the beauty pageants. So I was almost going to be like: “I am tired”! But when I got the information from my friends, they encouraged me, telling me that this one will be different. I did not even believe that I will get the SUV; I just opted in just for the show and all that. With other pageants, sometimes they give you the car and after snapping pictures with it, they take it back. But to my surprise, they gave me the SUV without any conditions. I am still the owner of the SUV, I am still using it, there were no delays, there were no conditions that the car will only be for promotional purposes. I won and they squarely gave me the car, so I am really happy about that. And it is surprising because it rarely happens in pageants nowadays. Most pageants, they just give you a small car, maybe a “picanto” and after a few months, they take it back, but this case is a different case.
Q: What you are telling us is that the pageant is transparent and the company lived up to their words.
A: Yes they did.
Q: You still have a lot of potentials as a model. Do you still want to go higher as a model or would want to stop with Fair and White Gold?
A: Well I am still considering that, but I feel this might just be the last one.
Q: If a bigger brand comes from abroad and persuades you to model for them, won’t you give it a try?
A: I might give it a try.
Q:  How long is your reign as Miss Fair and White Gold, is it one year or two years? How long is the contract?
A: It is for one year, but that is if there will be another crowning the next year. If there will not be another crowning, then the contract will be renewed and it will be for two years.
Q: Does your reign as beauty queen affect your relationship with your boyfriend?
 A: Before I got into the pageant, I was in a relationship. But while I was in the contest, I broke up, even after I won the crown, I was not in a relationship. Being a queen now, does not afford me a chance to be in a relationship, because if a guy is to come now, it may be because of whom he thinks I am. Just so they may be able to say: “Yeah, she is my girlfriend and she has that, or she is my girlfriend and she owns this or she owns that” So I avoid relationships for now, until I am done with my reign.
Q: Don’t men come after you?
A: Of course they do, but I just do not want to be in a relationship now.
Q: what is your message to ladies who use excessive bleaching cream instead of a healthy brand with natural skin improving emollients, like Fair and White Range?
A: These days most ladies want a light skin, so they go for strong bleaching agents that spoil their skins. So when I meet ladies, especially my course mates who are reacting to one bleaching agent or the other, I encourage them to use the Fair and White Gold. I tell them that: “This your skin that you think you do not like the colour, if you use Fair and White Gold on it, you will marvel at the transformation it will give you”. So most of the times they take my advice and change to Fair and White Gold and the result have always been fine.
Q: Do you like any football team, which team in the UEFA do you root for?
A: I am not sure I am a football person; I don’t actually favour any team.
Q: So how does lady Tiana relax when she is not busy modeling for the Fair and White Gold brand?
A: I love watching movies a lot so I just go to the cinema, watch one or two movies, then I go to the swimming pool and swim.

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