Thursday, 11 September 2014


A Nigerian graduate who last month handed out his curriculum vitae to company bosses, by holding up a sign advertising himself, at the Waterloo train station in London has been inundated with several job offers.
Determined to land his dream job after he had already applied for over 300 positions since getting a degree in marketing in May this year and failing to get any, the 22-year-old Alfred Ajani thought up the radical approach and it worked.
Thinking outside the box, the young Nigerian decided to storm the Waterloo Station to waylay company bosses commuting into the city of London through the station.
But this was after he had taken a position as an intern in the music industry in a bid to boost his job prospects, while working as a waiter in the sidelines.

In a follow up report by UK Daily Mail, the newspaper yesterday reporter that Ajani had been inundated with offers of interviews after taking that action.
The UK Daily Mail reported it thus: “Alfred stood at the entrance to the busy station holding a sign stating: ‘Marketing graduate (BA Hons 2:1 Coventry Uni) Ask for CV.’
“His direct approach received a warm response from commuters, with many stopping to discuss potential positions.”
In an interview with the paper, he said: “I graduated in May and have been applying for jobs ever since, but it’s very difficult at the moment. The only ones that have come up have not really been what I wanted. I am interested in marketing and advertising.
“I realised that there are thousands of students out there using the same old methods of applying for jobs online and through recruitment agencies and so I thought I would try something different.
“I got up early and went to the station. At first people just looked at me but after about 10 minutes people started stopping and talking. They said they had never seen anything like it before and were really impressed.
“One woman worked in advertising and took a CV and another guy ran back from his train and said he had walked past but had started thinking and might have something for me.
“I have already had some phone calls and have got an interview booked
for later today. The support was great, one man even bought me a cup of tea and told me good luck.”

Source: Thisday

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