Saturday, 29 November 2014

Airtel Unveils Trybe for Nigerian Youths

. L-R, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Maurice Newa; Vice President, Segments, Dinesh Balsingh and Head, Youth Segment, Segun Aderinokun at the media launch of Airtel Trybe in Lagos on Thursday.

Offers free SMS, social media and 11k per sec for students across all Nigerian Campuses
Leading telecommunications operator, Airtel Nigeria, has unveiled yet another innovative offering; ‘Airtel Trybe’ specially designed to cater for the needs and lifestyle of the youth market segment.
Airtel Trybe is enhanced with features which offer youths the experience and benefits of staying connected to families, friends and their loved ones at all times and it also offers additional opportunities to customers for deriving maximum benefits from voice calls, SMS and data for social media platforms at affordable rates.  In addition to these there are also other amazing bonuses for new and existing customers who subscribe.
Speaking at the launch of the product in Lagos today, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Maurice Newa, said that the Telco has again demonstrated its passion for the youth, stressing that Airtel will continue to create innovative products and services as well as convenient platforms for customers to experience world-class telecoms services on the network.
He said: “Airtel realises the yearning of customers, especially the youths, to always stay online and remain connected to their loved ones, families, friends and associates. So with Airtel Trybe, a platform which not only offers affordable call and SMS rates, but also comes with huge attractive data plans , we have shown that we clearly and deeply care about providing opportunities for our customers to enjoy every moment on our network,”.

Speaking further, he noted that the Telco fully understands that communication and internet connectivity have become indispensable components of the 21st century enabling business, education, entertainment, information, governance and other activities and is committed to becoming the leading internet company in Nigeria.
Customers can get on the Airtel Trybe package by dialing *312# or through SMS by sending YES to 312. To begin to enjoy the freebies, customers simply need to use up to N48 in a day with the first 2 minutes charged at N40k per/sec while other calls are charged at N20k/sec for on-net and N30k/sec for off-net calls.
Customers who make international calls will enjoy N30k/sec from the very first minute on calls to the United States of America, India, China, Canada and the United Kingdom (landlines).
They will also enjoy freebies after the first 120 seconds. The freebies include free 10 minutes Trybe-to-Trybe calls for each subscriber per day and another free voice calls offer from 11 pm to 4.30am to other Airtel subscribers. In addition, subscribers get daily freebies to chat with unlimited access to Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry Messenger (WFTB) valid for 2 days.
As part of the offering, Airtel Trybe comes with a special Campus Zone rate of 11k/sec for all local calls made to every network. This rate applies to calls made only in the campus of any Nigerian higher institution and it is designed to help students stay connected to their families, friends and loved ones.
Another interesting addition is that customers can also enjoy megabyte bonuses. There is free 5MB weekly bonus on N100 recharge and 15MB instant bonus every week upon cumulative recharge of N200 per week to browse the internet, while new prepaid subscribers on Trybe enjoy additional bonus of up to 200 per cent on every recharge for calls or SMS to local networks.
A recharge of N500 and above attracts 200 per cent bonus, while N200 and N100 recharge attract 100 per cent and 50 per cent respectively. In addition, 50 per cent bonus on total week’s recharge (Monday to Friday) is given for Airtel-to-Airtel calls on Saturday and Sunday. The bonus is given instantly and valid for 7days.
As one of Airtel’s latest products designed to create unparalleled experience for customers, Trybe gives a boost to the vision of the Telco to be Nigeria’s no 1 internet company.

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