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What's been happening to Kiss lately?

Basically, we have been busier than we used to be doing an average of 8 to 14 shows in a week. I am very grateful to God Almighty for his mercy and blessings. I’m also working on my new single schedule to drop on May 1 as well. We are also shooting videos as well. We have a Pan African tour, North American tour and European Tour lined up as well. Aside that, there is a Documentary we are producing which I won't say much about too. I have also been recording too even thou I have a catalog of songs. 
Did you have a premonition that Woju will become this big when you were recording the song? 

 We were optimistic when I recorded it but Emperor Geezy my CEO knew 
 the song will ‘blow’. H e kept saying this is the Jam. He’s always asking DJ Coublon to add this, remove this, giving technical directions on the song.
Fioki played the guitar.  For me, I recorded the song on Technical Directions from Emperor Geezy who has good ears for sound. 
I was optimistic, that’s what I would say because of Geezy's interest in the sound.

How did you pulled two heavyweights, Tiwa Savage and Davido on the remix? 

One thing I always tell people is that you are as good as your team.
Davido whom I respect a lot called to be on the song and we honored the call. Tiwa coming on the song just complimented the song. It’s a strategic business move to equal in the African and Diaspora market, which we are heavy on now. The original song is already a huge song but the idea is to sell the brand Kiss Daniel into various business sectors. That we have achieved and we are thanking God in the heavens. 

A lot of people complained that the remix is not as good and as big as the original. What's your take on this? 

First of all, we all have right to our opinions, but there was a motive behind the remix and it was achieved to the max. The remix was number 1 on Trace Urban chart, number 2 on MTV base chart while the original Woju was at number 1. That has not happened in Nigeria before. So to an extent, it’s a big song as well. But not as big as the original song, yes. But ‘Woju’ didn’t blow in 3 weeks, it took 2 to 3months but the remix took a shorter period to be major just about 3 weeks there about. The remix is as good as the original; in fact the heavy weights on it brought out their best on the song. So I don't quite agree that it’s not as good as the original.

The song is more like an anthem now and having many covers, which do you think u felt the most? 

The song has several covers, as a matter of fact, I lost counts. Some of the brilliant artistes that did the covers have achieved massive mileage off the song. Big shout out to them. I heard some are getting shows and getting paid off it but they are not paying royalties thou *smiles* *wink*…  I can’t say I have favorite out of the lots sha…

Before Woju you've had some couple of songs and videos can you tell us songs you've dropped in the past

Yeah, I have dropped ‘Chide’ which was just a test song, then another sample single called ‘Shoye’, which is more like my official fist single.
We used both songs to test the market, to prepare us for the main release. We shot a video for ‘Shoye’ which was made by Adasa cooky .

You just finished from school. Can you tell us your educational background? 
I schooled in Abeokuta all the way from my primary and secondary level. I recently graduated from University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. And I’ve done my youth service too.

How was it like juggling school with music? 

Well, I never juggled music and schooled. I faced school squarely.
I didn't do music while in school; as a matter of fact I started music officially in 2014. That was why I was able to come out with strong 2.1 in my academics, which is an open secret.

What were the challenges you faced when starting out as a budding artiste? 

There’s a lot. Hooking up with the right affiliation; recording with the right producers that understand ones vibe; the luxury of making sound at impulse. Working with the right people was an issue for me. But I thank God for bring G-WOLDWIDE ENTERTAINMENT. 

What's your take on the Nigerian music industry? 

Well, the Nigerian music industry is growing at a rapid speed. We need to be more structured, respect each other and give more room for new artiste coming up.  More private sector participation is also critical.  More Government support, enabling environment and empowerment is also needed.

So how is your relationship with your record label G-Worldwide and your management, Raging Bull going? 
Ok, I am signed to Emperor Geezy;s G-WORLDWIDE ENT. My artiste life / business engagement is management by RAGING BULL NEW YORK. The label functions separately and the management company as well. There’s specialization and the work ethic is fantastic, as you can see, they get things done real time. An artiste is as good as his team. Big ups Emperor Geezy!!!!!!

You're now a rising star, how do you cope with fans, especially the ladies? 
It’s not challenging at all, because am discipline, with restrictions, we can be friends, but there’s always a line to everything. Business is business, if you appreciate me as a fan, I will show you all the deserved love in return without going below the belt.  As music acts, we are role model, people look up to us so we have to have some level of moral value attached to our lifestyle. 

What's the weirdest thing a female fan has ever done to you? 
A lot. I’ve have had girls jumped into my tour bus wanting to follow me home, taking off their tops and showing me there boobs, it’s been crazy.

What's style to you? 

I like it simple and easy. Anything that works for me, I don't overdo it. As long as I’m comfy with it…

What's your dress sense like? 

Hmmmm… like I said as long as it’s simple and looks good, it’s not about the price tag. Because we are ordinary people at the end of day. 

Your favourite fashion accessories. 
I like my shades but I don't have a favorites sha!

How do you relax when not performing or recording? 

I play a lot games. PS4, I love gaming. 

What inspires you? 

The heavens inspires me. Good music also inspires me to make more good sound as well.

Who are your role model? 

Emperor Geezy!! And every responsible and well mannered person.

So, what materials are you currently working on? 

We have a new song titled “Laye” coming out on the 1st of May. It was produced DJ Coubloon.

Your advice to other young artistes out there. 
Be steady. Believe in the heavens and please work with the right people. Remember you’re as good as your team.

Last words for your fans. 

Thank you for believing in me and supporting me all this while.
God bless you all. 

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