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Ehizojie Okoeguale , a MTV Nigerian VJ who came into spotlight after clinching the keenly contested grand prize of the MTV Base VJ search in 2013; Ehiz as he’s since been fondly called keeps upping his game as the day goes by as he now dines with the high and mighty in the African continent’s entertainment industry. The Lead City alumnus is the last of five children, from Edo State Nigeria, but was born and bred in Lagos; Nigeria’s business hub and entertainment centre. In this interview with Sunday Obembe, he speaks about life as a VJ on the MTV platform, his winning secret amongst other personal issues.

If you are not a VJ what career path would you have chosen?
I would have probably been a dancer and that is that was the first thing that ever paid me.
Now that you have chosen VJ above dancing, how has being a MTV Base VJ been?
It’s good, amazing and above all, what I can say is its God’s blessing. The experience is so huge that I can’t really find the right word to quantify it. All I have to say is that I will work more.
Going back the memory lane, how did you get the MTV job?
It was hard but with God we pulled through and we made it, it’s just God’s grace from the hectic auditions up to where we are now, and it can only be God all the way.
Do you have any prior experience before coming on the MTV platform?
With hosting shows yes, but TV presenting no, MTV is my first and still the best, and we are international.

What do you enjoy most as a VJ?
I enjoy all that I do on this job and it entails talking to people, getting them to laugh and passing information out.  Just doing what I do and travelling.
What’s your winning secret?
My smile, I always smile and when I smile I forget about everything that could be wrong with me.
Can you share what your upbringing and family background like?
My upbringing was a normal one, such that you don’t have everything that you need but you get everything that you need, that’s how my dad is. You can’t have too much but you have your needs met. I’m the last child of five, amazing family, and they support me in all that I do.
Looking at your background and what you do today, is there any correlation?
Yes, because I have been into this thing along time with my father playing music for me. My family created the platform for me to express myself, I wasn’t caged or boxed up but was given the freedom to express my God given talents and thanks to God for where I am now.
Do you have any memorable experience from your university days?
For me everything is memorable from entering school to graduating, but I think graduating was more memorable.
Being a popular face on TV, how do you manage your female admirers?
They are my friends; I’m just nice and am friend to everybody. And again whether you are a celebrity or not women will always come, you just have to learn to accept and be nice to them.
Having such a busy schedule joggling from events to shows, how do you spend your free time?
When I have free time, I sleep even though I don’t get to sleep a lot, I just sleep and eat and if I am not doing any of the two, then I’m working. With this kind of our job sometimes you feel you are free but unconsciously you are still working.
What’s fashion and style to you?
I’m not a fashionista, but I believe it’s anything you have in your wardrobe, “nah wetin I get I dey wear”. Style on the other hand is your swag. Whatever makes you comfortable and confident is your style; you don’t have to be rich to have a style.
What’s your favourite fashion item?
That’s my hair bond, I ensure it’s always with me, its somewhere now but you can’t see it.
What are your plans for future growth?
There’s a lot in the pipeline right now, I can’t really let the cat out of the basket yet. But trust me, a lot will happen soon and everyone will see them as they unfold.
What’s your advice for young folks that look up to you?
My advice is to study hard, work hard no matter the chosen career path just give it all that it takes, and all that it takes is your 100 and 10 percent. If you can keep to that to the letter in no time, success will chase you pants down.

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