Wednesday, 24 June 2015

IS THIS EVA ALORDIAH (the rapper)?

MakeUp Art: Rapper Eva Alordiah shows us her SCARY 

Rapper Eva Alordiah is scaryfying! in an awesome way
Who knew she had skills and balls as these? Very impressive we must add.

On social media where filter reigns supreme, the gorgeous music star using make up created her captioned #BeautyInTheUgly and #UglyBeauty look that shocked her fans.

“Art is Life...Creating it is how some of us cheat death“. “We spent the whole of last night creating this. Now I cannot wait to frame it up on my wall. Thank you @sunmisola_olorunnisola for an awesome overnighter!! And a great shoot too! I wanna shoot with you again punk!” she posted in the comment.

Sunmisola Olorunnisola took the photos.

Ugly has never looked this good!


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