Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nollywood Actor, Sunkanmi Omobolanle’s wife wrote him this lovely “Facebook Letter”

Remembering our courtship & how we would look into each other's eyes & talk about growing old 2gether. Of course, we had no idea what that meant, but we knew we had our whole lives b4 us. Now, here we are, (not old yet!) 4years later, still in love, still happy, still lookin toward the horizon, wantin 2walk the journey of life 2gether. Do I say it often enough?--I lov u! Thk u 4 lovin me back & being my wonderful companion 4 the last 4yrs -every moment a treasure. What can I giv u to express my lov? What gift could I possibly giv u that would sum up the years of lov that u've given me? A sapphire ring--that is what I have decided on. I know that gem has always been ur favorite. It is precious like our lov & we've had fun, haven't we? Remember when Mostly, we just fought off mosquitoes, at Laide's place u tried to make pancakes over a fire, & I got us all lost on a trail. I laugh every time I think about it. We shared so much--both gud times & hard times--but we've faced everythin 2gether. I started listing the reasons I lov u, but it was becoming a tome. Let me just say that I never worry about ur reaction to adversity. When I fall apart, u stand firm like a rock. u hav always been faithful to me (how many people can say that 2day?) I've heard that it is better 2be trusted than 2be loved. I trust u--u have always been loyal 2me. I lov u for ur smile & sense of humor. At the end of a hard day, I hav always looked forward to seein ur happy face. Even ur eyes seem to smile--those happy creases at the corners. I lov u for putting our marriage & our family first. It seems that u regard no sacrifice as too much. Thk u for lovin me Olami The yrs hav made me beautiful, 2me u will always seem young, vibrant, & desirable beyond expression. 4 yrs ago, I had no idea that I would marry a man that would become more & more lovely as time passed. & that is the way of our love: it grows more beautiful with each passing day. We hav been through so much 2gether, I know we can weather the years ahead. We are one; we are united with a bond that can never be broken. Please accept this attempt as my expression of Undying Lov & Devotion. Thk u for bein all that u r Olasunkanmi Akanni

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