Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Unveiling The Igbo Luxury Auto Dealer, Obi Okeke Who Sell Cars To Floyd Mayweather (Photos)

…As 3 billionaires Battle Over Floyd Mayweather’s $3.8million Ferrari

Can you believe that the American heavyweight boxing champion favourtie auto dealer is an Igbo man from Nigeria? That’s quite amazing!
Since their relationship started in 2009, Obi Okeke, the CEO of Fusion Luxury Motors had so far sold 39 exotic wonders-on-wheels to the champ who is a lover of luxury and fast cars!
Obi Okeke, was recently interviewed on the video on Mayweather’s Facebook page and spoke about the very late phone call he received.
He said: ‘The most challenging thing I’ve ever done for Floyd is when he called me at three o’clock in the morning and said, Obi, I want a Bugatti and I want one in my driveway in 12 hours.
‘I then showered, went into my office, did some work and hopped on a plane and got the car, in his driveway, in 11 hours and that makes me a better person, it makes me work harder, it makes me not limit myself, so those are the things that rub off on me from him.’
It’s not the only request that Okele has had to deal with from Mayweather’s extravagant demands, as the fighter once turned up at the dealership at 2am – walking out with a Ferrari Enzo.

This Bugatti is similar to the one Mayweather purchased at 3am and is worth an estimated £1.5million
‘I got a call from overseas in the Middle East that there was a US-spec Enzo for sale, so I hopped on a plane and flew to Abu Dhabi. I then transacted the car and put it in a Boeing 777 passenger plane and flew it out of Abu Dhabi.
‘So Floyd came to the dealership and he kept coming and looking at the car. Then he came in one night around two in the morning and said, “Obi, I wanna buy two Ferrari 458s,” and that’s what he said.

‘Then I said OK, then he pauses for a minute and goes, “Obi, I’m not going to buy them 458s, I want to buy that Enzo and I want to buy it now. Lets go.”‘

In a related story, Floyd Mayweather is about to sell his $3.8 million Ferrari ENZO. 

According to TMZ, three different billionaires have thrown their hats in the ring to buy the $3.8 million Ferrari. But the buyers have all asked for special favors to ‘sweeten the deal.’
Floyd put his ultra-rare Ferrari Enzo up for sale last week and now, his personal car dealer at Fusion Luxury Motors, Nigerian Obi Okeke, says the response has been insane!
“People have been calling from all over the world. Countries like Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, India, South Africa, Nigeria and the United States.”
Okeke also said several people have made full-price offers — but they each come with interesting ‘special favours’.

“I got some crazy request from a 60-year-old man who wants to buy the car — but only if he can lace up some gloves and spar in the ring with Floyd in his gym.”

Here’s a list of some of the other requests coming from people who made a full-price offer:
– Buyer wants a 1-on-1 dinner with Floyd
– Buyer wants a video shoot with Floyd and the car
– Buyer wants Floyd to make himself available to take a picture with buyer’s entire family

Okeke says 3 of the potential buyers are people who have made Forbes’ Billionaires List though he says he’s going to keep the names private for now.

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