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Remember the case between Chocolat Royal and NAFDAC? – Ermmm ok, a quick reminder for those of you who don’t? – it was in the news that Chocolate Royal was shut down by NAFDAC for selling dead products – yes you heard right!! – dead and expired means the same in my dictionary – I don’t know about yours!…
Meaning, those times you tripped your boo out to chocolat royal to prove your love for her – spoon-fed her and kissed her with a mouthful of cake – that cake was dead!!! – Don’t throw up yet boo – you are one of those who went with take-away? – Do you still have some in the refrigerator for a quick snack in-between meals? – You just had some a few minutes ago? – Jeez, now you can puke!!! – Yes dear, go-ahead and puke it all out because it appears that chocolat royal and NAFDAC lied to us all.
Etceteralive got a call from a staff of AIM GROUP, owners of Cool FM, Nigeria info, Wazobia FM and Chocolat Royal claiming that Nigerians are still being poisoned by chocolat royal in colaboration with NAFDAC. The caller also claimed that NAFDAC collected bribe from the choc boys in the region of 500 million naira and authorized them to reopen for business. – The staff who asked that his identity be kept anonymous (for obvious reasons) asked us to inform the public of the evil that is being perpetuated by the Lebanese owners of chocolat royal on unsuspecting Nigerians. According to him, AIM GROUP also sent a backdated letter to NAFDAC to make it look like they had previously requested the help of NAFDAC to rid their warehouse/storehouse of all expired products.
NAFDAC, how market? Since when una begin help people pack their dustbin? Una be LAWMA? Seriously, this is the first time i am hearing of an organization calling on NAFDAC to clear their expired products. I mean, who does that? Common sense says that when your products are expired, you throw them away to make room for fresh supplies. And wetin happen to all those aboki wey dey Victoria Island? Why could they use them? this whole issue stinks to heaven and back. It calls for a thorough investigation on NAFDAC and the management of Chocolat Royal.
Expired products from Chocolat Royale

The NAFDAC officials sef nor dey look Uche face at all… why should they? Uche and every other Nigerian can die of food poisoning as long as they make something out of it…
Below is the mail Etceteralive got from the staff of AIM GROUP and the backdated letter sent to NAFDAC.

Hello Etcetera,

Attached is the scanned copy of the letter that the AIM GROUP management wrote and addressed to NAFDAC to make it look like they (AIM GROUP) invited NAFDAC authorities to come and take away the expired items they found when they invaded the Cafe Royal warehouse and the MD’s house.

The NAFDAC authorities stormed the premises on Tuesday May 19th following a tip off from a sacked staff of the company who probably was part of procurement for many years and had served the company well only to be dismissed without sufficient reason as is custom with the Lebanese employers. NAFDAC discovered truck loads of expired items used for the sweet and nice confectionery foods sold at the Royal to unsuspecting customers. In fact they went to the residence of the MD to discover expired and decayed products, some with maggots in them. The NAFDAC authorities took what was thought to be the right action by sealing off the place and all activities stopped as the public managed to digest the news with grimace stemming from the thought of the many items they must have bought with their hard earned money and gulped down their system. They proceeded with a couple of arrests but could not reach the MD or any of his daughters who run the radio and TV stations. The MD’s wife too was nowhere to be found. But as the days went by, as the news filtered into the public quietly, the AIM management did all in their power to have the issue swept away. Of course they understand the Nigerian factor – MONEY! Quietly, the issue was being handled by some high and mighty that the MD knows in this country, only for a letter to suddenly show up towards the end of May addressed to NAFDAC. The letter was back-dated to 10th of April 2014. Sadly, they succeeded in lavishing money on the shameless NAFDAC authorities who have now reached an agreement with the sellers and distributors of harmful food items to cover up the atrocities. Now, is NAFDAC protecting the interest of Nigerians or actually making money at the expense of the health and lives of innocent Nigerians? A close source revealed that the AIM management parted with as much as 500Million Naira to NAFDAC to cover this up and buy the permission to re-open on Tuesday 30th June.

So the Cafe Royal is now officially scheduled to reopen on Tuesday 30th June. And to cap it all, the MD’s daughter who is the DGMD has instructed that celebrities who come as guests on the TV stations and Radio stations from next week should be taken to Cafe Royal to snap pictures that would be posted on social media to promote the place again. It is all about business and making money, not the safety of Nigerians. Government should please revisit this issue for the sake of the lives of innocent Nigerians because if this was their country they would never spare the Nigerian that would perpetuate this kind of heinous act. In fact they would close down all their investments and businesses. But here, some few bad eggs are trading the health of Nigerians. Government should also come and check the validity of the stay permit of these Lebanese people because they come in illegally bribing their way through. Immigration authorities and government should investigate their adherence to our labor laws because staffs are compelled to sign terrible contracts just because they need to be employed. They take undue advantage of the fact that there are no jobs and turn Nigerians to slaves in our own country and even sack incessantly without any form of care. The health care system provided for staff is valued at about 17 thousand for the whole year. So if anyone fall ill he only gets paracetamol from the clinic or HMO provider. 

Lateness attracts 500 or one thousand naira deduction regardless of the distance the staff travels to work every day in traffic. Being absent attracts minimum of 3000 naira deduction for week days and 5000 naira deduction for saturdays even when nothing is done on saturdays. Salaries are never paid earlier than 10th of the following month, but if one is out of cash as a result of that and comes late, they still deduct from his salary. Terrible things are happening. Government should come to our aid. President Buhari should please look into these issues.
Bros Etcetera, further down is yet another mail that suggests how badly these lebanese guys have been treating us. Just because an email was not responded to, the MD seized the salary of over fifty people who have nothing to do with his problem. In AIM GROUP, salaries are paid according to the mood of the MD not even according to work or the contract signed.

Please starting from June 30th, take note any celebrity coming, they should go to royal and take pictures and put on social media.
Producers please do the need full
Tatiana Moussalli Nouri

Amin AIM []

2. After culling he will email to bbds@aim and bddabuja@aim and md cabinet.
3. He will later hand over a hard copy to smith and or Lateef
4. He will hand over a copy to me in person and if I am not in to Femi or Kayode who will BlackBerry me to give me the summary.
5. Deduction of 1000 from each of the md cabinet for failing to get me the draft for the form that Godfrey sent. Aggor take note I am logging m
6. I am logging all my notes where I write to people ” see me re” means see me ref this subject . I wonder why in 1978 I did what I was asked to do only once. I will be calm but I will sanction.
7. If Kenny will not remind me to look into my log book she will be sanctioned big time.
8. As for presenters only few complied. Don’t answer the md, don’t get your pay and I cannot attend to payment tomorrow since I am traveling out of the country I have a lot at AIM and TV to work on
9. Mabel and Jibike understood the research I am carrying out. And ought to have emailed it

Amin Moussalli
Group Managing Director & Chief Technical Officer
In limitation, I see the infinite

Who do these guys think they are fooling? If actually this letter was sent in 2014, How come it took NAFDAC more than a year to act on it? It will be stupid to blame it on government bureaucracy because a company like Chocolat Royal would have gotten immediate response from NAFDAC for an issue this serious. We are talking about the lives of millions of Nigerians here. 

Etceteralive put a call through to AIM GROUP for their response but to no avail. However, we still await their response and will keep you guys updated with any further developments.

courtesy: EtceteraLive

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