Monday, 17 August 2015

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: I am back in the game to take over - Rocksteady

Hypertek RNB/Dancehall star artiste, Ibrahim Olalekan Oboromboro fondly known as Rocksteady by his teaming fans is fully back in the music scene after several years of blowing hot and cold in the industry as he is bent on taking over the music scene with his prowess and dexterity. In this chat, Rocksteady steady disclosed that he will treading a path of consistency as he led us into his world of music and other sundry issues.

You have been in the industry for so long and much has not been heard about you lately?
 Big things have been happening since I signed a deal with Hypertek music, I have been working underground with other record with the likes of Dammy Krane whose project was in the known in the industry and currently my project is next in Hypertek music and now music lovers should expect good stuffs from me. I have just dropped a new single title Opoloko business which is trending now.

Since the release of the both the audio and video of Oporoko business, what has been the comment from your fans?
To be candid, the comment has been quite impressive as this is an indication that i still need to do a lot of work and that I can promise my fans of. I am not resting on my oars yet, I have been in the game for so long and I believe this is my time to make it.   Music lovers appreciate the Oporoko anthem and we are moving quickly unto the next one.
With Hypertek just focusing on your own music with much attention given to Dammy Krane’s project, it a trend by record labels to treat label mates at separate time?
Really that’s how it is and I think that is how every recognised record label does most especially when they have more than one artiste on their label. They take out time to push one of the artiste while others are still doing their things underground and at the end of the day, you discover that every of the artiste get recognised and sorted out.
When do we get to see Rocksteady taking over the music scene?
By the grace of Almighty Allah before December, Oporoko business should be everywhere; everybody should be calling for Rocksteady Insha Allah. I tend to be in the music game for so long doing quality and mind-blowing songs.
It is believed that when an artist is about writing a particular song,  they are influence by alcohol and so on what is your own source of inspiration, how do you get your own music?
Really and truly, I will tell you my source of inspiration is from God, every other thing is just by the way; sometimes we may take some things to make us go gaga but my ultimate source of music comes from the street and God almighty.
What was your experience like performing on stage for the very first time?
The first time I stepped on stage with so many crowds was at bar beach during a particular show, then Baba Frayo was the one reigning then and I was to perform also alongside my label mate then which was Second Avenue (Kessy). Believe me sincerely, when I got on stage my legs were wimbling because that was my very first time of seeing a large crowd.
What about your voice texture?
The texture of my voice was still okay at first but when my legs continued to wimble on stage, I went off balance but before of the end of my performance I was able to regain my balance and the show went well.
What genre of music do you do?
I do a combination of all because my music could be soul, RNB and Reggae as the case may be depending on what I am hitting up at the moment.
What is your relationship like with other label mates in Hypertek?
We are all friends and in most importantly brothers as we all strive to become better individuals in future. We share ideas, correct each other’s errors and all that.
 Any plans of collaborations amongst the entire Hypertek label mate?
We are working on it; it is something that is going to happen pretty soon.
In one word describe who 2face Idibia is to you?
Believe me sincerely that one word is actually small to describe 2face Idibia because to be me he is the second Abami-Eda after late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.
In the cause of doing music, were your parents in total support of it?
My dad didn’t really give me much fight because he had it in him too there was a period that he gave me the songs that he wrote that i should work on them if i can, he didn’t really give me much support but all he wanted for me was the best.
How did your parent take your first major appearance on TV?
It wasn’t only in my house that there was a shout like really? Because while I was in SS2, I was interviewed on TV, it was a Sunday show on NTA at 9pm it is called Sunday tonic that was where I was interviewed, that particular programme, everybody always want to watch it, its news and at the same time they still do entertainment news. It was the entertainment section that I was interviewed and then I could hear people hailing me and my parents were like, this boy is now a star oo.
What is that one thing that people don’t know about you?
Okay, many people don’t know am Yoruba.
That’s interesting, which part of Yoruba are you from?
Ijebu ode, Itaale to be precise
When do we expect an album from Rocksteady?
Definitely before the end of the year.
Do you have a dream producer you will like to work it on your current album?
I want to work with Don Jazzy.
Why do you want to work with Don jazzy?
Because he has a craft that I wants to work with and also he is so good at what he does.
What is that fashion item that as a man, you cannot do without?
That will be my glasses.
What is your definition of style?
My definition of style is wearing anything comfortable.
How many minutes does it take you to dress up?
Why use Oporoko business as the title of your single?
Oporoko is one fish that I love so much and it lasts longer in the house and also to let the world knows that I have been in the industry for a while. I am here to stay and last as Oporoko fish bringing sweetness to the Nigerian music scene. The single in all tells the story of my struggle in the industry.
Are you in any relationship?
What do you look out for in a woman?
A black strong hardworking, soft like flower and beautiful.
So how soon are we hearing the wedding bells?
I have paid her dowry already and every other thing will fall in place at the right time.

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