Thursday, 10 September 2015

The stylish Queen Elizabeth in Pictures

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth of England is no doubt one of the most stylish living royals.
Rehse is one of a select handful of fashion designers the Queen has worked with since her days as a princess.
Norman Hartnell was the first designer employed by the then-Princess Elizabeth in the 1940s. He even designed her elegant wedding dress for her nuptials in 1947.
London-born designer Hardy Amies, who was known for his accomplished tailoring, began designing clothes for the Queen in the early 1950s.
In the 1970s, the Queen began working with Hartnell’s assistant, Ian Thomas, who outfitted the Queen in flowing chiffon dresses during the more bohemian decade.
In the 1980s and 1990s, the Queen employed designer John Anderson to design her dresses. His business partner, Karl Ludwig Rehse, took over for him after Anderson’s death in 1988.
Stewart Parvin is the youngest of the monarch’s designers. He began designing for her in 2000.
And for more everyday ensembles — in addition to her handbags and trademark pearls — the Queen is known for her fabulous collection of hats, which she matches with most every outfit.
When she’s not wearing a hat, the Queen has a stunning cache of tiaras to choose from for special royal occasions.

And (as further proof it’s good to be the Queen), she sometimes even tinkers with the jewels in her tiaras, biographer Sally Bedell Smith says.

“She has this kit of tools, which she uses on her tiaras. They have different things that can be decorated with,” Smith, author of Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch, tells PEOPLE. “She has pearls, rubies and emeralds that she can add to certain tiaras.”
She’s also never one to shy away from color. From pinks to reds to blues to yellows, the Queen has outfitted herself in every shade of the rainbow — a decision as practical as it is pretty, as it enables her to be seen in large crowds
And while she may take some fashion liberties when it comes to her colorful hats and dress suits, she’s never without a pair of sensible, modest shoes.

For decades the Queen has been photographed in black patent leather shoes. When she was younger, she often sported pumps with a thinner, higher heel, but for nearly 50 years, she’s preferred a dependable, low-heeled style.

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