Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How Rowdy Varsity Students Cleared Food At A Cafe On ‘Waiguru’s bill’

The name of Anne Waiguru who succumbed to pressure and quit as the Devolution Cabinet Secretary is not just about to disappear in the minds and lips of Kenyans any time soon.
At least after more than 40 University of Nairobi students invoked the name of the former CS at a restaurant in Nakuru town while refusing to pay their bills.
The students stormed Arafat Coast Dishes situated along Kenyatta Avenue on Friday at around 3.22pm and ordered for food. However, after clearing their plates they started chanting “Waiguru must pay! Waiguru must pay! Waiguru must pay!” as they walked out.
The waiters at the popular eatery had a rough time as they attempted to make the student pay their bills which amounted to Sh 14,150. But the students stayed put and boarded their bus parked outside the restaurant.
A guard at the restaurant who attempted to restrain the students was overpowered and wrestled to the ground while a waiter at the hotel, who was identified as Mr. David Kiambi, was injured after a thorough beating by the students.
The waiter’s whereabouts are still unknown as he was shoved out of the bus by the angry students who threatened to lynch him.
The hotel proprietor Mr. Feisal Saleh said that the students were all male and were heading to Kisumu.


“When I saw them enter my hotel I was happy because I knew I will make a kill since business was low on that day,” he said.
After causing mayhem at the restaurant, the students forced their way into a nearby supermarket and raided a wine and spirit shop and made away with unspecified number of bottles of liquor, which they drank outside the parking bay shouting obscenities as the  shocked shoppers watched from a distance.
They then smashed the empty bottles on the ground to scare away some of the security guards manning ATMs at the mall.
According to Mr. Faisal, anti–riot police officers arrived at the scene after 20 minutes when the students had already left.
“We tried to give chase along the busy Nakuru- Eldoret Highway using a police land rover but failed to catch up with them,” said Mr. Faisal.
A Registrar at the UoN  promised to make a follow up after the incident was reported to his office by the hotel owner saying he knew all the occupants in the university bus.
“I have tried to call the Registrar since Friday but he is not answering my calls,” said a distraught Mr. Faisal.

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