Thursday, 25 February 2016

LAUTECH graduate build flying cars from locally-sourced materials

A 23-year-old graduate of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, has been hailed for building a working camera drone and a Flying Car from scratch.
Ayoola Olaoluwa, who graduated from the department of Computer Science was interviewed by where he opened up about his achievement and challenges.

I initially wanted to study aeronautical engineering, but it wasn’t available in any Nigerian university at the time, so I settled for Computer Science which is somehow a branch of aeronautics," Olaoluwa said, when asked why he chose to focus on aeronautics.
Olaoluwa, who aims to acquire a Masters Degree in aeronautics someday, said his journey started  from building a shiny hyper realistic aeroplane when he was 13 years old.

Everybody was awed by the plane I built”, he laughs in recollection, "but it was not working. It couldn’t fly or even move and they did not even know.

Making things has always been something I did as a pastime,” he adds, “the way other people engage themselves in their spare time, I want to create things. It is more like a hobby for me.

Speaking about his drones, Olaoluwa said, "Drones are not new, and I did not invent them, you can call them innovations, I might agree to that but they are more like tweaked prototypes of already  existing technology.

According to Ayoola, what started out as a flaw turned into the best hybrids there is. Imagine having a car that can fly and is not anyway as expensive as any known flying machine.

The Flying Car can also go above 300 meters in the air as its flying technology is similar to the drone. It is just a hybrid of a functional motor engine that moves the tires and a flying engine.

Speaking more about how he got his ideas, he said, “most of the things I know, I learnt myself. Reading up online, trying and failing till something is achieved. I wish there was an educational structure for people passionate about innovative pursuits to gain hands-on knowledge in those areas.

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