Wednesday, 24 February 2016

LIFESTYLE: Waist Beads and Sex

“The sound of the beads during sex urges my guy on,” explained Patricia Naa, a university student Mutala met while buying visiting the Accra Arts Centre.  She said she didn’t like waist beads but had wear them to satisfy her boyfriend, who loves to see the beads on her.  Nonetheless, women’s waist beads are said to possess the power to attract and evoke deep sexual feelings for men.
“I like it on my wife and sometimes get irritated when she takes them off. It’s sexy,” chimed Alex Ansah, a passerby, who said that waist beads make the ladies’ waists attractive.  He offered that whenever he glimpsed waist beads on a woman, it awakened his sexual desires.
Aunty Monica, another beads seller, advised young ladies especially the married ones to continue wearing waist beads as it “charms” men to remain faithful. According to her, if a woman stops wearing her beads, the husband might be tempted to cheat with another woman who puts them on.”

Magical Protection
Auntie Monica described how waist beads were powerful weapons in fighting rapists. Yeah, rapists. Any woman wearing waist beads who is confronted by a rapist should just look for a hard ground surface and tear the beads. The clattering of the beads on the hard ground will magically make the man lose erection immediately.

In addition to thwarting rapists, waist beads could be used for birth control.  According to another bead seller, Nana Ama, described how the Yoruba, a large tribe in Nigeria, used waist beads for birth control.  The beads are laced with charms and and are worn by the women to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
Lastly, Nana Ama offered that “waist beads are the best cure for convulsion [in] children.”  She explained that when a child suffered convulsions in the past, all that was needed was to place the child on the bare floor in a corner of a room. “Any woman with beads on her waist would gently remove them and place them on the sick child. Within five minutes, the child would be cured.”


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