Friday, 19 February 2016

Linda Ikeji Fake Hermes Bikin Bags (Video of Orginal vs Fake)

Top African blogger, Linda Ikeji was put on the spot this week when many Instagram users claimed the Hermes Bikin bag she flaunted and claimed to have cost a whopping $14,000 are not the original Hermes but fake. 

She shared the photo on Instagram writing, “Just joined the LIbagfamily! #Hermes! #Birkin! My first!

Birkin bags are a handmade, luxury bag made by Hermes which cost in the range of US$11,550 to US$150,000 and are very exclusive so it seems to have hurt Linda Ikeji when users on Instagram alleged that the bag was a fake. To add salt to her injury, Hermes respond to a tweet by posting that Linda’s Bags are actually counterfeits, “Hello, thanks for your inquiry. The so called Birkin bag on the picture is a counterfeit.”

In her defense, Linda stated she bought the bags on Sloan (Sloane) Street in the UK, “I bought the bag for 14 thousand dollars on Sloan Street, UK. In Naira, that would be how much again? That would be about N4.8m.” 

Is it that Linda is biting more than she can chew by flaunting a ‘fake’ bag or she was actually duped by buying a fake instead of an original? Hhmmmnnn…

Watch here, on how tell the original from fake:

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