Friday, 12 February 2016

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR: Exclusive Interview with Young and Creative Fashion Designer, Ajibola Bimbo

Ajibola Aderayo Bimbo aka Young Gallant is a fashionista, fashion retailer and a trend setter in her campus days at the Olabisi Onbanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, little wonder she ended up to be a Fashion Designer after her graduation from the University. In this exclusive interview with ACADA Magazine, she talks about her foray into the fashion business as well as matters that touches her personality. Except: 

How did you become an entrepreneur?
I became an entrepreneur because I love fashion and I love to look good always. During school days I was awarded the most sophisticated girl in my department. A lot of people admire my outfit so I took it up from there and started selling clothes to my fellow students. My first trip abroad was a business trip as a student.     

What motivated the decision to become an entrepreneur?
I became a full time entrepreneur when I graduated from school
went fully into the business before my NYSC year. I went for my fashion designing training during my NYSC year.
 What were your initial challenges when you started?
My initially challenges were debtors. Lots of people get to owe me especially my close friends and I had to start begging them to pay up.

How did you source for funds to get the business off the ground?
My mom actually provided my initial start-up capital. She's my all and my world is built around her.

What are the challenges you’re facing as a fashion designer?
There are a lot of challenges especially with customers. Different customers with different attitude.  Some don't get satisfied easily while some do.

 In the face of challenges, what keeps you going?
The passion I’ve got for being a designer keeps me going and the fact that I make people look good which adds a smile to their face and feedback and  comments I get from my customers telling me they love their outfit motivates me more.

How do you get customers to patronize you?
I get customers to patronize me through social media and through friends especially the ones I have designed for.

 As a young person, what is your philosophy about life?
As a young lady I believe life is too  short to wear boring clothes and life is good if you are hard working.

 Can you share with us your education background?
I attended my primary school in Ibadan (Tunatol International Nursery and Primary School. I also attended Ise Oluwa Montessori High School.
I graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University as a Microbiologist.

What were your memorable times on campus?
I had a lot of sweet and sour memories on campus. The signing out event was of a good memory to me. My project defense day was memorable too.

Can you define your style?
Fashion is vogue and trends. Style is what you make out of it. I try as much as possible to be creative with my style.

 Your favourite fashion items.
I love good bags,  shoes and dresses.

 Your signature perfume(s).

That is Elizabeth Arden (Red door), Fantasy (Britney Spears) and Boss Orange (Hugo Boss). 

Who are your role models? 
My mom, she sets good examples for me always. SMA Fashion House
and Tiannah Elegante Styling.

What is success to you?
Success is when you become fulfilled and accomplished in your chosen career.

Would you say that entrepreneurship is paying off?

Yesm especially when u don't mix business with pleasure.

What’s your advice for young people complaining about unemployment?
It's never too late for them to start somewhere instead of waiting for the Government to provide job opportunities. They can make a positive move by engaging themselves in a field they love. It could be makeover, photography, catering, interior decoration, etc.

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