Monday, 9 May 2016

Chris Brown called fan ‘ShitHeads’ after he complained about the price of a jacket of his clothing line, Black Pyramid.

Some fans of Chris Brown weren’t happy about the price tags on Breezy’s new clothing line, Black Pyramid. Never one to let anything go, Brown hopped on Instagram with a very special message for his “so-called fans.”
Brown called out the hypocrisy of superfans who claim to buy multiple copies of every album but find $70 for a shirt to be excessive.
“So, some of these so-called fans are complaining about $70 shirts, $90 shirts. What the f*ck you be talking bout when you say you buy 10-15 albums? How much is that, b*tch?”

Because Brown is more petty than the unholy monster that would come from a David Cronenberg film starring Richard and Tom, he also hopped in the comments section to tell fans to taste his farts.

“Cry me a f*cking river. You b*tch n*ggas killing over Jordan’s [sic]. Waiting in line for Yeezys for days. My prices are H&M and Zara prices. I’m not running for president nor did I say u had to buy anything. So like I always say…taste this fart I been holding in on this plane to Paris. Sh*theads.”

Chris was quick to point out that fact, calling the fan a dickhead, asking him to shop at target if they weren't affordable for him.
Of course, anyone who has followed Chris Brown for a while should expect these odd, seemingly self-destructive outbursts by now.

(Via XXL)

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