Friday, 20 May 2016

LASG Moves To Transform Oshodi To World Class Business District

…Says plan will reduce crime, environmental nuisance
…Targets 15 months for completion

The Lagos State Executive Council has approved the concept for the urban regeneration of Oshodi, which will see the area transformed into a world class Central Business District (CBD).
Special Adviser to the Governor on Urban Development, Mrs. Yetunde Onabule who disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday, said the concept of the regeneration plan is premised on a three pronged approach including Urban Renewal, Environmental Regeneration as well as Transformation and Security.
According to her, Oshodi in its present state currently accommodates about one million pedestrians daily with about 100,000 passengers accessing the 13 parks scattered within the area, while 76 per cent of the area is dedicated to transport and related activities, which has led to severe traffic congestion and other environmental issues.

Onabule however said that the new Oshodi CBD would not only reduce crime in the area, but also go a long way to address the environmental nuisance locations and areas of confusion often associated with the area.
“Urban-based studies have revealed the need to re-direct some economic activities that are inhibiting planning process and having negative impact on the environment, as well as rid the City of blighted areas. Presently at Oshodi we have close to a million pedestrians, about a hundred thousand passengers and about five Hundred vehicles at a time, Don’t you think there exist the need for planning and organisation?” she asked.
She said the new plan would also boost intra-tourism by making the area a tourist destination and increase the economic value of the State, where business, travel and leisure activities would be conducted in a serene, secure, clean and orderly environment.
“This plan would see the total rebranding of the Old Oshodi, thus turning Lagos into a befitting and an iconic international gateway to the rest of the world. It would also ensure an organised transport system that will ensure free flowing traffic,” she said.
The Special Adviser explained that the project, which is a Public Private Partnership initiative between the Lagos State Government, represented by Ibile Holdings, Translink Capital Development Limited and Planet Projects Limited, would see the consolidation of all 13 city and interstate parks in the area into three multi-storey bus terminals to cater for parking and passenger demand.
Onabule further explained that the Terminal One running from Mosafejo Market Axis would be for inter-state transport activities, while the Terminal Two and Three running from the former Owonifari Market and Adjacent to NAFDAC respectively will cater for intra-city transport activities.
“For us in the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, we are aware of the attendant impact of a sustainably planned city on the welfare of our people and the quest to generate a vibrant economic base for prosperity and healthy living conditions”.
She added that the terminals would have standard facilities including waiting area, loading bays, ticketing stands, driver lounge, parking areas, rest rooms among others.
“It would also come with accessible walkways and pedestrian bridges and a state-of-the-art sky-walk to link all the three terminals, introduction of bus lanes, lay-bys, introduction of green parks to soften the environment and proper waste management strategy, fencing, street lighting and a dedicated security team for Oshodi including surveillance tower, CCTVs and the likes,” she said.
She stated further that the total area of the development of the Oshodi CBD master plan which is about 70,000 square metres will also accommodate shopping malls adjacent to the bus terminals.
According to her, “This is what we are here to discuss today. This progressive discussion is not on whether to move Lagos forward or not  but rather it is on how to do it.”
Onabule said that the project is scheduled to take off from June 1, 2016 and would be completed within a 15-month period. She expressed optimism that on completion, the project would be of immense benefit to all Lagosians, especially major stakeholders including passengers, transport unions, transport operators as well as shop owners.
“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen please I urge you to join me on the way to building a Lagos that is safe, clean and prosperous. Lagos will become a land of opportunities offering prosperity for all as we surmount the challenge of Oshodi.”
She reaffirmed the commitment of the present administration to an all inclusive grassroot development.

“You must also recall that, In his Excellency’s  inaugural  address,  he  pledged  his total commitment to run a government that will leave no one  behind;  a  government  that  will  implement programmes  that  would make  life  simpler,  easier  and happier for our people. I am sure that the Oshodi Transport Interchange is one of such plans” she said. 

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