Friday, 24 June 2016


Evans Industries, a subsidiary of Ekulo Group of Companies is increasing its value contributions to the lives of Nigerians by providing total skin care protection for the members of the public, using the Meditol Range of soaps. This is a most timely intervention in this time of high relative humidity as a result of the unrelenting rainfalls, which increases the risk of skin infections. Also considering the affordability of the products, the intervention is also very favorable to the consumers, considering the unfriendly economic climes. Thanks to Evans Industries, ensuring healthy skin for the family, especially children, is a much easier task for home makers now.
The new Meditol Medicated and Antiseptic Soap include: , Meditol Gentle With Olive Oil, Meditol Herbal With Aloe Vera, Meditol Classic With Shea Butter, meditol cool with menthol and Meditol Original With Avocado.
Designed to cover all skin types, tropical conditions and peculiar situations, while maintaining top quality and pocket friendliness, the soaps come with individual qualities as follows:

MEDITOL MEDICATED AND ANTISEPTIC SOAP has Trichlorocarbanilide (TCC), as the active ingredient. This is a highly effective broad spectrum microbial agent. It also has PCMX (CHOLORXYLENOL), a surfactant composition which exhibits both high degree of antimicrobial efficacy and low skin irritability. MONOSULFIRAM, Effective in the prevention & treatment of scabies, eczema, skin rash. HALOGENATED PHENOIS, A highly effective antibacterial agent.
The soap eliminates all bacteria, and fungi infections especially as prevalent among children of school age. It forms a long lasting protective barrier over the skin that protects and defends and continues to protect and defend. With meditol medicated and antiseptic soap, parents need not bother about the hygiene of the children’s environment in school and the negative impact on their skin health. The soap also makes it easier to manage skin issues among consumers living in crowded compounds. It is the trending skin protection today for both the rich and the common man as no one can ignore its impeccable qualities.   
MEDITOL GENTLE WITH OLIVE OIL has the age old and time proven super effective emollient which is olive oil as the base ingredient. It is formulated for people with dry and sensitive skin, and is effective in relieving symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. It has anti-inflammatory properties that assist in healing skin, reducing pains from skin abrasions and wounds; it leaves skin moisturized with natural squalene. It also brightens the skin.
MEDITOL HERBAL WITH ALOE VERA comes packed with the unfathomable therapeutic qualities of Aloe Vera. This king of the herbs has found use in all spectrum of medicine as a result of its amazing curative abilities. In the Meditol Range, the Meditol Herbal with Aloe has the ability to heal the skin from scars, with amazing natural restorative abilities. It is also beneficial for acne prone skin, reduces skin irritation, inflammation and ensures a naturally moisturized glowing skin with all the advantages of God made skin protection abilities found in the aloes. It also ensures a radiant healthy skin.
MEDITOL CLASSIC WITH SHEA BUTTER is endowed with the centuries old beautifying abilities of shea butter, a natural emollient used in the sub-Sahara for centuries. It is super effective for balancing the skin surface against weather extremes both during rainy and dry season. Meditol Classic with Shea Butter helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks. It is also effective in relieving symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, and helps in healing cuts and burns without scaring, and restores elasticity to the skin in old age, thus defying the effects of ageing. It ensures a bright skin.
MEDITOL COOL WITH MENTOL provides a refreshing cool for active people after a day’s toil, especially sports people. It is ideal to relieve stress & fatigue. It soothes & tones skin, and naturally disinfects the skin. With the soothing and comforting qualities, it is highly recommended for sensitive or acne prone skin. It also brightens the skin.
MEDITOL ORIGINAL WITH AVOCADO comes with the moisturizing qualities of avocado. It is super effective for dry skins and restores the natural glow and youthful resilience to skins within the harsh tropics. It helps to cure skin irritations as a result of naturally dry skin types such as eczema, psoriasis, and flaking skins. It moisturizes the skin with the fatty oils in the avocado oil, nurturing skin with Vitamin A, D & E. It contains natural anti-oxidants to reduce appearance of wrinkles thus reducing the impact of ageing. It leaves the skin with a bright healthy and supple sheen.
It will be recalled that when it comes to skin care and beauty products, the Ekulo group are no newcomers on the turf.  They are the manufacturers of the Eva complexion soap range which lead the pack on the roll call of indigenously manufactured beauty soaps in the country.
With the Meditol brand, the company hopes to affect the role of a market leader by setting the pace and direction for the antibacterial soap market sector. This it will achieve by filling perceived gaps in the product delivery and availability of the various soap types within the Meditol range of medicated soap. 

In line with Ekulo Groups’s basic objectives of affordability and high levels of utilitarianism in consumer products formulation and provision, the meditol brand will be highly affordable, compared to other soap brands in the market today. 

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