Tuesday, 19 July 2016

SPECIAL FEATURE: TECNO Camon C9 - All Hail the King of Selfies

If you are one of those who believe that a phone is just a phone, then it’s unlikely that you have experienced the TECNO Camon C9. And you would be forgiven this minor shortcoming. Among the phones in its class, TECNO Camon C9 stands head and shoulder over the rest. Not only does it hold high aesthetic appeal, the Camon is also a pocket-friendly companion for those who measure functionality against price. And here are some other reasons why this capture smartphone is considered a worthy investment.
Take a wide view of life
TECNO Camon C9 can take panoramic shots of widely extensive fields of view, thanks to its 13.0 MP Front Camera with flashlight. This is because Camon C9 is built for outstanding selfies, giving you a 120-degree view and capability to shoot up to 10 people together. What’s more you can live up those exciting moments with TECNO Camon C9!
Capture the beauty of darkness
When it comes to delivering good-quality pictures in low light, TECNO Camon C9 deploys its 13.0 MP AFA Back camera with flashlight. And if you want to see yourself in the best light, its Excellent Capture 2.0 delivers a superb image using the Quick Snap to capture every moment. Now you can capture those low-light party moments with a phone that sees in the dark.

Make your dream come true
With TECNO Camon C9, you can amaze your friends with the excellent pictures. Whether you are a make-up artist or photographer or just someone who loves beautiful shots, you would find Camon C9 the ideal phone to produce the best of retouched photos, thanks to its Excellent Capture 2.0.
Freeze amazing moments
Life’s greatest moments can no longer escape you, thanks to TECNO Camon C9’s Quick Snap and auto focus. These features ensure that whatever the moment- a child’s first baby steps, a high school graduation or a first kiss - can be captured and treasured forever.
Meet a smart companion
With TECNO Camon C9, you have an able companion. That’s because the Camon C9 comes with a revolutionary smart band which makes taking pictures from a distance easy. The T-Band also monitors your sleep patterns, steps and alerts you of incoming calls or theft. Just think of the phone as more than just one.
Look me in the eye
With the TECNO Camon C9 you can be sure of privacy. The phone comes with biometric iris recognition sensor technology which quickly scans your iris to unlock your phone easily and securely.
Meet the Powerhouse

TECNO Camon C9 comes with an 8-core processor which delivers on functionality especially if you like multitasking. With a 2GB RAM you can run as many apps as you like with no lag or crash. Go on; be your best with a phone that supports your every move.

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