Friday, 5 August 2016

Exclusive Interview With Nigerian UK-based Showbiz Promoter, Billy Que

Olabanji Billy popularly known as Billy Que in the Nigerian and UK entertainment circuit needs little or no introduction. He’s one of the respectable showbiz promoters making things happening in the UK. We recently caught up with him for this exclusive interview. Except:

Can you tell us how you got into artistes and show promotions?
I started in 2009, using my 1st birthday in London as a pilot and since there is no turning back.

Were you formally trained for this? 
I don’t have a formal training. It was sheer passion that drove me into it.

How was it like starting out? 
It was not that easy but with family and friends support who believed in me and my abilities. I made it and it’s being a huge success.

What's the quality and work of a show promoter? 
A show promoter must be a sociable person. He must be humble and ready to work with different types of people. And regarding the profession, show promoter brings life into entertainment by staging various shows. Promoters also help in connecting artistes and their fans through shows and concerts.

What are the challenges of the business? 
The competition is much and the profession is quite time consuming.  

Who are the notable artistes you've worked with?
I have worked with lot of artistes from the A-list artistes to the upcoming ones. 
I have worked with virtually all the A-list artistes in Nigeria. Both Hip-Hop and Fuji artistes. I can't start mentioning names because they are much.

Can you mention some of the notable events you've staged?
I’ve staged numerous successful events. Davido UK Tour 2013; Afrobeat Concert, London 2014;  Wasiu K1 De Ultimate concert in London - 2014; In 2015, I did Qdot and Friends, and  Pasuma Hip-Hop album launch in London.

What's behind the concept of the Annual Dubai Summer event?
I discovered many people likes to Dubai for tour, vacations, enjoyment and shopping. That's what gave birth to that event. Since I’m into promotions, I just figured it out that I can mobilised group of people to have fun and party together under one umbrella.

Can you tell us about your upbringing and family?
I’m from polygamous a family. From my mum side, it's 6 of us and I’m the 4th born (2nd male). Growing up was fun though my parents are disciplinarians.  

Your educational background. 
I had my secondary school education at the Federal Government College, Odogbolu, Ogun State. I late proceeded to University of Lagos, where I studied Microbiology but spent 2 years there. After which I had to continued my education in London at
Lambeth College, University of East London.

Talking about fashion. What's your style, formal or casual? 
I’m a casual person. I like to wear what will make me to be free and comfortable.

Who are your favourite fashion designers?
I love Zara products.

What's your favourite fashion items? 
That will be T-shirts. 

Your signature perfume. 
It’s 1 Mllion by Paco Rabbane.

How do you relax when not working? 
Sometimes I force myself to sleep in the night because of the nature of my job which makes me work mostly at nights.

Do you have artistes you're dreaming of working with? 
Not really because I have worked with almost all Nigerian artistes of my dream. Maybe foreign artistes.

What's your philosophy of life? 
Love your neighbours as you love yourself.

What inspires you?
Life itself is a big inspiration for me.

Your advice for young people out there who might want to go into your kind of business. 
It's not that easy as it looks because it’s highly time consuming and you need to be very humble to do this my type of job.

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