Thursday, 29 September 2016

Exclusive Interview With Fast Rising Nigerian Female DJ - DJ MJAY

Surviving in an industry dominated by male folks can be highly tasking and challenging, but Mojisola Osindero aka DJ Mjay is upping her game and doing her best to establish herself as one of Nigeria’s foremost DJs. In this exclusive interview with ACADA Magazine, she revealed to us her journey so far as a female DJ among other topical issues. Enjoy!

 Can you share with us what prompted you into taking up Disc Jockeying as a career? 

I’ve always been into music and  the love has always been there.  I love to stand and watch DJ's perform whenever I'm at parties. I’ve always liked the headphone and iPod but initially I never thought of pursuing deejaying because of my sex but I don't want to regret not giving what I love a shot after much conviction from a life coach (Leke Adenuga) I decide to do it because I'm the type of girl that push boundaries. I'm glad I didn’t allow the fear of the uncertainty to pull me back. 

 How has the experience been so far?

Being a female deejay is a rare privilege and truly an honor, it takes lot of guts to stand up for what you believe in and have passion for without minding if you will get the necessary support or not. I see it as a platform for greater things to come, one that’s exciting and at the same time scary and challenging too. But in the end, I am proud to be a female deejay and the career I chose for myself. 

So how long have you been in the game? 

Long enough to understand what Djing really entails. Lol 

What's the acceptability like considering your gender? 

I’d rather say being a female DJ is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. Though it’s widely assumed as a ‘man’s world’ but in my own words: ‘Yes, it could be a man’s world but you'll agree with me that women run that world’. If you observe closely most things men do is to impress the ladies. Most male Deejay's I’ve met always wanted to add to my knowledge by impacting my life positively; I’d say it is easier for a girl to stand out as a deejay also with God's grace.

Any formal training? 

Oh yes, I had tutors for some time and also self-taught through the Internet too. 

What are the challenges you've faced so far? 

Women face lots of challenges, sexual harassment, not being taken serious, getting judged sometimes because some ignorantly still believe deejaying is not the best career for the female gender, some client believe a male would do a better job and usually doubt the ability of a female Dj.

Are your parents in support of your chosen career considering you're even in a male dominated field? 

My mum didn't initially because she was concerned about how I'm going to manage being a Dj and also keep a good Christian life but now that has been sorted. My dad has been supportive from the start. 

What's the experience like playing your first gig? 

I remember I was a bit nervous, people starring and thinking wow that's a girl deejaying but their reaction was encouraging, a female fan walked up to me and told me she's a medical student but would like for me to train her to be a deejay too. 

 Which is your most memorable gig or event?

That would be a wedding I did sometimes ago. I remember having so much fun with the crowd taking selfies with me and I even got monetary gifts. I always enjoy the attention too. 

What's the sweetest thing a fan ever said to you? 

When fans walk up to me to tell me how proud they are of me and also ask me how they can become a Deejay too, it gladdens my heart. 

 Will you say the job is lucrative? 

With hard work and creativity in your skills it will surely get lucrative with time. It’s just like every other business ventures. I’ll say yes the pay becomes bigger as we grow. 

 Been a foremost female DJ in Abeokuta, and Ogun State at large, what's the feeling like for you? 

I give God the glory for giving me the idea and the guts. It could have been someone else but he chooses me for this and I am grateful. 

What are the qualities of a good DJ? 

A good DL must have good ears for good music and must be able to satisfy the crowd. He or she must know the type of music people would appreciate because it's always about the audience 

Which major events have you played? 

I’ve played at Weddings, Birthdays, Clubs but I'm still waiting on that huge gig. 

Do you play in clubs; do radio shows and street (Alaba) and Online mix tapes? 

I do clubs, online mixtapes, but seriously looking forward to the Alaba mixtape ( I'd really love to). 

 Who are your mentors and favourite DJS. 

I will mention just few.  DJ Humility, DJ Dottmon, DJ Shabzy, DJ Spinal, DJ Jimmy Jatt, DJ Nana, DJ Koolio, DJ Switch and every DJ out there making us proud.

Which are your favourite DJ equipments and software? 

I love working with Pioneer DJ Controller, the Vinyl,
NI’s Traktor Pro, Traktor Scratch Pro plus Serato DJ. 

What's your favourite genre of music? 

I love all genre. Rock, Blues, Classical, Country, R n B / Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Electronic, Rap, Techno, Punk, Contemporary etc. 

 How far do you want to take your?

The sky is my starting point. I believe I will use this medium to tell everyone reading this to get used to the name #DjMjay because I’ve come to stay. 

What inspires you?  

I get inspired by the crowd sometimes. Good vibes inspires me.

 What's your take on the issue that the current crops of Nigerian Artistes mostly do party and club songs and not inspirational songs? 

I think it's a result of a fan base which doesn’t know the difference between quantity and quality. Unfortunately they are the ones with more cash thus they frequent studios and get steady play., I also think the industry is more about entertainment and money making than the quality of your material. 

 Can you share with us your educational and family background? 

I had my primary education in Abeokuta, had part of my secondary education in Mayflower School, Ikenne later went to Olabisi Onabanjo University for my tertiary education. I am the 2nd child of my family. 

How do you unwind when not working? 

I prefer to stay in my house, surf the internet, Practice my skill, watch lot of movies and may be sleep. 

 Been a female DJ and a chic one at that, how do you handle male admirers and advances? 

It's a good thing to be admired by the opposite sex but you know guys nah... so if I must I set it straight with no disrespect without no one getting offended or sometimes I say nothing at all. 

 What's your style? 

My style is whatever makes me comfortable though I could be glamorous sometimes.   I got a perfect body that fits it all.

Your favourite fashion items or accessories? 

I love shoes, caps, sunglasses and backpacks.

Your favourite label or designer?

I love Gucci,  Cerruti and Vivien Westwood.

Your signature Perfume(s)

I’m into Gucci (Bamboo)  and Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

 Your advice for young ones who might want to take up Disc Jockeying as a career? 

If u can think it then you can achieve it so take up the challenge and be brave, I believe everyone has their own hidden treasures, so get up and go for it.

What are your social media handles to enable your fans connect with you?

IG: @DjMjay1   Twitter: @DjMjay01 

Any last words? 

I will like to say a big Thank You to God Almighty and everyone supporting the brand #DjMjay, I love you all.

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