Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tink Africa Clocks Two: Opens Platforms for Start-Ups, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Franklin Ozekhome, Founder TINK Africa and Adepoju

One of Nigeria's top Marketing Strategists, Franklin Ozekhome, Founder of TINK Africa, a Consumer Insights and Business Intelligence Platform, established in October 2014, is celebrating the two years anniversary of a platform has morphed organically in tandem with global consumer trends, and local business looking to transform their products and services into experience brands and real-time engagement platforms.
As part of festivities to celebrate two successive years of sharing real-time consumer insights, consumer trends and business intelligence with future-focused companies developing innovative products, tools and services, TINK Africa is launching 3 additional platforms to fully integrate its current offering.
The company had recently partnered with local and international institutions to set up the ‘bschool’, a unique Innovation School for Marketing and Creative Professionals in Nigeria. The ‘b.School’ aka TINK Brand School, is a fully-equipped and digitalized institution where students study and practice strategy, learn how to become brand managers, develop and launch products, understudy design thinking, execute digital campaigns, and create new media platforms, games and tools for brands and marketers. Entrepreneurs and innovators are given a reason to re-think everything.

In addition, TINK has established a Co-Working space called ‘Common Labs’. The Common Labs is a resource platform for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and innovators who share experience, time and work-space to create new products and services across industries. These co-work spaces offer a community of professionals, connection, collaboration and co-creation at work, while remaining in a flexible environment.
To support fledging start-ups in Nigeria, TINK is also launching an Accelerator Program & ‘Outcubator’ for start-ups, in partnership with marketing strategists, venture capitalists and business leaders. Selected start-ups who'll be coached on creating, branding and launching new products, and assigned mentors - experienced business leaders - that will work closely with these companies to successfully bring an idea to life, and launch their companies into the African market.
The launch kicked off with a gathering cum networking session of top Creative Professionals, Marketing Executives and industry influencers. Check out the pictures below

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