Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Amazing! Meet The High School Drop Out That Saved The Digital World From Hackers

The hero British computer expert who stopped the cyber attack wreaking havoc across the globe has revealed he was suspended from school after being accused of hacking – and failed his A-levels in IT.

Marcus Hutchins, who prevented more than 100,000 computers across the globe from being infected with ransomware and literally saved thousands of businesses and government agencies worldwide.

Just a few years ago he was expelled from his high school for hacking it’s server to speed up the internet service. When he was caught, he was and was ordered to leave school for a week in early 2010 and despite fighting the suspension and pleading, teachers refused to take him back. So he left.

Worse still, Marcus was banned from using internet-connected computers meaning he had to complete his A-level classes in IT on paper – before ultimately failing the course because of the hindrance of him going online to work.

Fast forward 7 years later. He is now working with the US government’s National Cyber Security Centre to prevent a new strain of the malicious software from emerging on Monday – but says he has no plans to leave his current job at US-based ‘private intel threat firm’ Kryptos Logic.

Although his bosses have rewarded him with an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles for his valiant efforts, Hutchins fears he could face future revenge from the hackers he has exposed after his name was posted on the internet but isn’t worried because he constantly tries to better his skills to match and even beat these cyber criminals. 

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