Tuesday, 20 June 2017

CRK Hasn't Been Removed From From The Syllabus.


There has so much noise about an attempt to Islamize Nigeria. Because of the alleged removal of CRK from the syllabus. This news is false. 

CRK hasn't been removed from the syllabus.
What the new curriculum did was to merge related courses under one group.
The new subject referred to by this group comprises:
Christian Religious Studies or Islamic Religious Studies  + Social Studies + Civil Education + Security Education.

This combined subject is now called Religious and National Values Education. 

According to the curriculum, each school DECIDES to do CRS or IRS as it has always been. 

For example, this new curriculum was used in the just concluded, NECO exam.

In the NECO exam, the question paper comprises of CRS, IRS, Soc stud, Civil Ed and Security Ed. The instruction on the question paper stated clearly that each candidate(s) is (are) required to do EITHER CRS or IRS.

Why the fuss?
Our country is already divided on many fronts; it’s unfair and unnecessary to create more means of division, most especially when it’s based on falsehood.

Culled from Nairaland

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