Tuesday, 8 August 2017

GT Bank absolved self from N10k UNN Cash Gift…

…as Nigerians urge bank to make a donation
Following the outrage and series of bashing by social media regarding the N10,000 gift giving to the Best Graduating Medical Student of University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN, GT Bank few minutes ago took to their twitter account to absolved the bank from the event.
In its tweet, the bank stated that: “Following the post and comments about a young woman awarded the sum of N10,000, The donation was made by the University of Nigeria Medical…”
 “…Association, who made use of their cheque leaflet to create a dummy cheque.”

Despite this response, the online community is not satisfied and many are asking the bank to announce their own donation.
It should be noted that, you don’t have to put a bank’s logo on a Dummy Cheque if the bank is not part of the event or the one endowing the donation. Putting any bank’s logo on a dummy cheque implies the bank is involved.
The public should please take note of this fact.  
As a result of this uproar, ACADA Magazine and CKN news are making a donation of N50,000 respectively (N100,000) to encourage educational feat in Nigeria.  
Anyone with information on how to reach the young lady can contact us via

Aside these donations from ACADA Magazine and CKN News, many Nigerians are gearing up to give the young lady gifts for her enviable feat. 

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