Thursday, 7 June 2018

FASHION: How to Care for a Leather Belt

Leather belts are among men’s top accessories in their wardrobes. Not only do they keep drawers held in place, they add a stylish element to an ordinary pair of pants. Finding a trusty belt that’s fully adjustable to a man’s wavering waist size and one that will never fail during an awkward bend and lift is truly a treasure.
Because of their delicate material make-up, taking care of your leather belt is a must in ensuring its luster and durability. Take care of your belt and it will take care of you in return. Maintain your favorite leather belt by following a few tricks of the trade:
Make sure it fits: Buying a belt that is too large for your waist size is one sure-fire way to ruin it quickly. If too large, the belt will bend around itself which results in small lines and creases. To find the right sized belt, match it to your pants size or – at the most – go one size bigger. When wearing the belt, secure it at the proper strength and level. When shopping for a belt, go for a neutral color that will compliment pieces in your wardrobe.
Condition it: The best way to ensure a belt’s life expectancy is to treat it right after you buy it with leather conditioner. It’s a good investment because it can be used on leather shoes and jackets as well. The conditioner deters moisture and filth. To apply, squeeze a dime-sized amount on a cloth rag and rub it over the belt. Cover both sides. Let it air-dry for a couple of hours.

Clean it: Over time, leather can develop a small odor. To rid the stink, give it a good once-over cleaning. Using a banister brush covered with soap, lightly scrub the belt on both sides. Rinse with water. You can dry a leather belt with a hairdryer, but make sure it is at least 15 centimeters away from the dryer’s nozzle.
Don’t wear it out: It’s best to keep at least two belts in your wardrobe and alternate wearing them. Take the belt off of pants at the end of the day. Leaving it on can force it to bend out of shape and crease the material.
Keep it dry: It’s a common known fact that leather and water just don’t mix. If your leather belt does come into contact with water, blot it with a towel and let it air dry. Add some leather oil to the belt’s surface. The elements outside can be harsh on leather belts, so if you find yourself out in the rain or show, keep it covered with your shirt or jacket. Try to avoid wearing leather belts in the summertime.

Sweat is another type of moisture that ruins its look. If it’s a must, make it a practice to continually blot sweat from the belt’s surface. Additionally, heat can ruin a leather belt. It can become deformed if worn for an extended amount of time in especially hot conditions like direct sun.

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