Friday, 17 August 2012


Nigeria’s foremost campus/youth magazine, ACADA Magazine is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that her debut movie, “ATUBOTAN – Nemesis” is a blockbuster hit. Arrangements are in top gear to stage auditioning to cast for young actors and actresses for the upcoming flick which will debut on the big screens soon.
According to the publisher of the youthful magazine, Biodun Caston-Dada, he stated that the magazine will be making use of fresh and talented young cast as the scouting teams will be visiting University of Lagos and University of Ibadan’s Theatre Arts faculties to fish out these “new stars”. “We are passionate about this movie and like we’ve been promising, we will be making new Nollywood Stars with ATUNBOTAN. We don’t want to keep recycling the old faces and stars, hence our aim of visiting these campuses to seek out fresh faces. ATUNBOTAN will be giving chances to young campus students who are looking for an opportunity to be discovered and take their acting careers to the next level”, he explained.
Though a definite date is yet to be fixed, but we learnt that the auditioning will surely be done in September as the team planned filming in November when the rain would have subdue and the weather is bright for filming.
Bidoun Caston-Dada further speaks on the movie project. “We’ve criticized the industry for long and it is time we take the Bull by the horn and show the world that a good movie can be made in Nigeria. It’s time to up the game”. “There’s a standard, and with the film ACADA is producing, we cannot do anything below ‘Tango With Me’, ‘Phone Swap’, ‘Last Flight To Abuja’, ‘Ije’, ‘Figurine’ or ‘Arugba’. These are world-class movies produced by Nigerians who work by the standard and the rules. You can’t cut corners and expect a good result in movie making. Everything is not just about the money but details. You must do a thorough research on your story. I believe we will be making a great statement in terms of story line, cast, picture quality and aesthetics when this movie is finally shot. Lest I forget, we will be using this movie to introduce fresh and talented faces and there will be minimal usage of established actors”.
The script of the movie is ready and marketing for sponsorship and products placement in the movie is ongoing. Corporate sponsorship are also been sought to partner with the magazine in making the movie project a reality. This will afford corporate brands the unique opportunity to subtly advertise their products and services.
“ATUNBOTAN” which is been planned to be shot in Yoruba language will make use of the best filming cameras and editing equipments, and it will be sub-titled in English, Portugues and French for international audience and viewership. On the choice of the movie Language, Biodun Caston-Dada explained, “we decided to shoot the movie in Yoruba to support the Nigerian government clamour for the teachings of Mother Tongues in schools and to encourage young people to speak their native language which is part of our cultural values. More so, movie shot in mother tongue makes it easier for actors to deliver their lines without restrains or cautious. Good examples are Indian and Chinese movies which most of us grew up to watch and love”.
When completed, “ATUNBOTAN” will be screened across major Nigerian campuses, various International Film Festivals across the world and also at the Cinemas.
Acada Magazine was established about five years ago to fill the void been created by non-existence of a national campus/youth lifestyle magazine that is circulated across various Nigerian campuses. Since its establishment, the magazine had gone through various transitions. From a monthly magazine with a cover price of N200, it’s now a FREE bi-weekly magazine. The movie project is the next level for the magazine. The magazine is currently in circulation Nigeria, Ghana and the Republic of Benin.

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