Monday, 27 August 2012

Attention Campus Chics!!! - How to Get Fuller Breasts Without Surgery

It’s a thing of pride amongst many campus chics who God has blessed with full boobs and they are sometimes envied by their peers. Many young ladies see having full boobs as something very sexy and hip as it allows them to show off their cleavage at any giving opportunity and many campus chics crave for full boobs.
Fear not, those of you with A cup and B cup breasts. There is more than one way to obtain a fuller bust without even having to tempt the thought of going under the knife! Here are some easy yet effective ways on making your mounds look like mountains.

1. It’s All About the Bra. An astounding amount of women wear the wrong size and type of bra to compliment their shape. Most women actually wear bras that are TOO SMALL for them, which of course also reduces the appearance of their bust. Treat yourself to a proper bra fitting and a couple of good quality bras. Many underwear and lingerie shops also offer bras that have extra and extraordinary padding, such as “gel” curve and silicone inserts that will turn those of you with A cup breasts to a C cup instantly!
Yes, these bras will set you back more money than your standard cotton bra, but your bust will look absolutely phenomenal in them. And for those who are concerned that their “partner” will take note of their reduced breast size once the bra comes off, just try asking him if he minds the slight change in size (he will undoubtedly be thrilled with your natural breast size too).
2. Straighten Those Shoulders! Having a poor posture can have a horrendous affect on how good your breasts look. Straighten that back of yours, keep your shoulders level and raise your head high! It is important to keep a straight and steady gaze as you move throughout your day and to never slouch or slump. Not only will your breasts be given a size boost, but you will garner more attention because you will appear to be more confident.

3. Pick the Right Clothes. Ladies with a fuller bust seem to be able to wear almost any shirt and have it look astounding. For those with smaller breasts, go for shirts with a sweet heart neckline, a V-neck cut to sweaters or a square cut. Low, plunging shirts should be avoided.

4. Creams and Lotions. You can find a number of different firming creams and lotions on the market today promising to enhance your bust size. Many women are skeptical of these products and for good reason – a fair number of them don’t even work! The trick is to look for creams that contain collagen, an ingredient that will plump up and also smooth your breasts. Before choosing any cream or lotion, do your research and see which ones have worked for others, and which ones have not.

5. Make Up – It’s Not Just for your Face! Make up can create a number of shadowing techniques that will have your bust looking deeper and larger in a flash. Bronzing powder or blush can be applied down the centre of your breasts and then blended both upward and outwards. Following up with a highlighting powder along the top half of your bust will also help your breasts appear larger and fuller.

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