Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tega and Edward Bow Out of Project Fame Season 5: Elimination Show 2

The very first elimination show for the season started in a grand style with group performances from the contestants.
While the Female contestants did a beautiful ensemble of 'Don't Let Go' by En Vogue and the boys taking up the challenge with Backstreet boys’  'Don't Leave Me'.
As Joseph Benjamin unavoidably absent on the show, Adora seamlessly hosted the show and introduced the fifteen (15) contestantswhose fate in the Academy would be determined on the show.

With rising perspirations, Adora invited Yeside Oredugba of Alexander Forbes who came prepared to present the list of the five (5) contestants
with the least number of votes and who would have to perform their way out of the claws of probation.
So, the contest took a different dimension as Joshua, Tega, Edward, Oyinkansade, and Chinyere took up the task of proving themselves in the face of elimination.
They repeated the songs they sang at their last performance, but this time around the fighting spirit in them came to bear
as they all did their best with Joshua doing 'You go kill me o', Tega again performing Wizkid's 'Love My Baby', Edward did Tu Face's 'African Queen', Oyinkansade-As You See Me So also by Tu Face and finally for the evening with a loud ovation from the audience, Chinyere nailed Asa's 'Fire On The Mountain'.
The judgement time came and these contestants were arraigned before the judges. Based on their performances, the judges without doubts saved Chinyere, faculty saved
joshua and Oyinkasande narrowly escaped elimination with the other contestants' votes leaving Tega and Edward as eliminated.
When asked how they felt about their eviction, they individually confessed that though it's painful to leave at this point but
they are grateful to God for making it this far and their gratitude goes to the Faculty for bringing out the best in them. Edward especially thanked God for making it here finally after trying out in four previous seasons, guess he will go back to Sierra Leone a fulfilled man.
With thirteen contestants left in the Academy, the race toughens...Who is going to go next... your votes decide....

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