Thursday, 14 February 2013

Meet Linda Ikeji, The Celebrity Blogger Who Broke GOLDIE’s Death

She’s loved by many and loath by multitude as well. This is the lot of Nigeria’s foremost lifestyle and society blogger, Linda Ikeji. She’s on top of her game and known for threading the dreaded part of breaking the most undesired news. Over the years, Linda Ikeji blog spot has been a beehive of where you can get the latest local and foreign gist especially when it comes to celebrities’ lifestyle news.
Many times, she had been attacked for breaking major news which most times doesn’t go well with the parties involved. Same is it with this Goldie’s death she broke. Many people were quick to debunk the story and called her names, this we may partly say was due to the fact that Goldie’s death was so sudden and many people weren’t expecting such a bad news, not even on a Valentine’s Day. But she was proven right at the end of the day when an official statement was made by her record label to confirm her death.
Many people failed to realize that, what makes a good journalist or a reporter is the ability to fraternize and have access to the hottest of news through veritable sources. This is one of Linda’s strongest weapons which are giving her edge over other Nigerian bloggers. She’s bold to break the hardest of news which many may still be considering not too good for human consumption, whereas it is NEWS!

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