Wednesday, 15 May 2013


She’s a young lady with many parts. Seeing her, you will be overwhelmed by her beauty and may not know she’s quite intelligent as much as she is beautiful. Welcome to the world of Funmi Awelewa Babalola, a model, fashion designer and a 400 level students of Library Archival and Information Studies at the University of Ibadan.

You are a student, model and also a fashion designer, how have you been coping combining all this?
 I must say it has not been easy, but I thank God. I devote my time into these three things because I need to come out best in those fields, but with God all things are possible.
How did you get into the fashion design business?
I was doing a diploma program in school then which my Mum never agreed to. My program was only for weekend but I told her it’s for the whole weekdays. So I use my weekdays to attend a fashion school while going for program in school at weekends because time waits for no one.

What have been the major challenges growing the business?
 As u know, all businesses have their major challenges but the major challenge I have is time. I have two other things that I do and they take my time too as I have to dedicate myself to them but with multi-tasking skills that I possessed, I’m still able to focus.

  Which fabric do you enjoy working with most as a designer?
 I love Ankara fabric.

Why Ankara?
Because it’s African. Though I make more of contemporary designs, mixing Ankara with other fabrics.

Who are your major clients?
 My clients are the fabulous women and ladies you see in the society. They are those who love being elegant and appreciates standing out and this I must say, reflects in my designs.

Been a young business person, what has been the experience so far?

 I must confess the experience has both been favourable and unfavourable but what makes it interesting is that the unfavourable has taught me a lot of lessons that are really helping me to grow.

Funds and capital are major challenges to young business people. How did you break these barriers?
 I thank God that my parent supported me beyond what I had expected. They established me and their encouraging words keep me going.

Tell us more about your modeling career. What major jobs have you done?
 I'm into billboard and magazine modeling. I started my modeling career in 2007. I started working with GoldenAge modeling and entertainment in 2011. I have done so many calendar, adverts and magazines; Laveronica Magazine, Nigeria Travels Magazine, Kerewa Herbal Dry gin billboard among others.
Have you ever been sexually harassed on the course of your going for jobs and casting?
 Yes but I would rather keep it to myself for reasons best known to me. You know, life is about ups and downs. My advice to people getting involved in it is that one shouldn't get desperate for any goals in life. If you're desperate, people will take advantage of your innocent position.

Can you let us in into your family and educational background?
 I'm Funmi Awelewa Babalola. I'm the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Babalola from Osun State, Iwo to be precise. I am from family of five; two boys, three girls. I'm the second to the last born. I attended Francis "M" Nursery and Primary School, Ibadan. For my secondary school education, I attended Orogun Grammar School same in Ibadan between 1999 and 2005. I attended University of Ibadan for my Diploma school certificate between 2007 and 2010. Presently I’m in 400L, University of Ibadan studying Library Archival and Information Studies.

Been a business woman and a celebrity, how do you relate with your fellow students?
 I relate with them well, treat them the way I want them to treat me too. It is God that put me in this position, am not different from others. I relate with my fellow students well like every other people.

What’s your dress sense?
Fashion is what you feel comfortable in, so I go for anything that I’m comfortable in and makes me look good.

Do you have any particular beauty routine?
 I drink a lot of water, do exercises, I use what best suit my skin and eat good food at the right time.

Your favourite beauty products.
 Elizabeth Arden

What’s your fashion fetish?
Good shoes and bags.

Are you into labels and names? If yes, who are your favourite designers?
 Yes! My favourite designers are: H&M, Rebecca Minkoff, Michael Kors and Victoria's Secret.

Your favourite fashion items and accessories.
 I love native attire and for the accessories, I can't categorically say I have a favourite. I go for what suit me.

What is style to you?
 As a lady, I believe style is when you are real, Style is being you.

Your dream vacation spot.
How do you unwind if you’re not studying or doing business?
 As for my leisure time, I spend it with my family.

What inspires you?  
 What inspired me most was the unique style of models like Naomi Campbell. She inspired me a lot when I see her on TV programmes then, I personally feel within me that am going to be like her one day.

You’re intelligent, very pretty and an entrepreneur. You must be a hot item on campus, how do you cope with guys advances?
 I just ignore them and focus on my studies

Can you share with us your dreams and aspiration? 
 My dreams and aspiration is to be successful in all my endeavours. Even before I speak, God already know what I will say.

Who are your role models?
 I only have one, who is Naomi Campbell.
Any tips or advice to any young person or student that is planning to go into fashion designing and modeling?

 Yes, they should be focus and be determined, they should pursue their dreams rightfully, and most important be close to God, and do the right thing at the right time.